How Many Bikinis Do You Have Anyway?

by Kir

My friend Kate asked me the million dollar question yesterday! Kate: “So I kind of need to know…how many bikinis DO you have?” Ahhh, ummm, an excellent question there girlie. And my honest answer is, “I truly don’t know”. I have never stopped to count them.


A Glimpse at My Bikini Drawer – yes, needs folding…

But what I do know is that each of them has a personality, a story and great memories either past or in the making. They make me happy and I love each of them for their own special reasons – a perfect fit, a memory of a trip to Mal Pais, the bikini I was wearing when M packed me a beach picnic lunch, my I’m cranky and not feeling so great so I’ll put on my trusty never-fail-me bottoms and let’s not forget that perfect shade of orange bandeau that gets pulled out poolside towards the end of any vacay when my skin is that perfect shade of bronze, etc., etc., etc.

Some people train for races, I train for vacations! And yes, sometimes that training means I sign up for a half marathon. But my race goal is usually less about a PR and more about how toned my legs will look for Cabo, or Hawaii, or Costa Rica… Travel is a key motivator for sure. I also live at the beach and so even though I’m wearing my rain boots today, odds are good that we’ll have some Indian Summer days in Feb and March. On this note, I don’t ever want to let myself go too much!

Rainboots, Bikinis & My Bathtub...awkward photo? Maybe.

Rainboots, Bikinis (a vintage Salinas) & My Bathtub…awkward photo? Maybe.

So back to Kate’s original question…I don’t know, but I’ll definitely be buying more. In fact, I’m really excited about the sneak peeks we’ve been getting into Swim 2013. It inspired me to build my perfect bikini wardrobe below. And, in case you were wondering, this Dream Team of  bikini styles is 100% authentically my top picks. As of today the deliveries of parcels of the world’s most fabulous bikinis (a girl can dream) aren’t arriving daily just yet so I combed, tried and on and did my trusty research. I will be saving my duckets like a smart cookie and investing in the below selection. It was hard to choose just a handful, but if I had to limit my purchases, these are the my most favorite, look like a million bucks, functional picks ♥

Best In Show - fits me like a glove

Best In Show – Vix fits me like a glove

Best Overall Fit: Vix fits me perfectly and I am loyal. Their triangle tops have just enough lift and the beadwork is always gorgeous. I can buy online season after season and know I’m always going to be giddy over the results. This pretty little number (the Kalahari) made my eyes tear up at it’s beauty. I mean come on, if I were a super model, I’d sooooo be getting married for the 20th time in this on an exotic beach somewhere!

Best Bottom for My Booty: The L*Space Monique bottoms are perfect! Think 70s hipster, straight and low in the front with just a touch of lift in the back. They are great for paddling and stay put in surf. I love all these cute little young things rocking the skimpy ruched cheeky options, but for me, that ship has sailed into “age appropriate” sunset and I just can’t brave it. So no biggie, these are super sexy and I still feel awesome. Add the strappy top in the bright Alla Prima print and I’m in – bonus, the top stays perfectly in place too!!!

Best Top to Avoid Tan Lines: This top gives just the right lift. And not to over-think things, but I think it’s always a good idea to switch up your straps so your tan lines don’t get too pronounced. Plus, Maaji bottoms fit like a glove with no threat of muffin top whatsoever! And they are reversible so you get that added bonus too…Don’t mind wearing last season’s suits? Go check out 6pm and pick some up for a deal! Check out Shop-Eat-Surf’s write up on the Maaji lingerie launch! Lucky us, now we get Maaji from swim to sleep!

Oh Mikoh, You Beauty!

Oh Mikoh, You Beauty!

Best One-piece, possibly ever? Look out yellow one piece sported by Bo Derek in 10! Last year, my girlfriend Rachel threw her beautiful elbows at the Honolulu sample sale and successfully snagged me my first Mikoh suit. I was so much in love that I vowed to go back for more. As pretty as this picture is, it doesn’t do the signature Santorini one-piece justice! The softness of the fabric, and the knotted detailing is exquisite and unique. Can’t wait to add this to my collection. I will run skip, frolic and sip umbrella drink cocktails in this baby all summer long!

Best Bikini

Best Work Out Bikini by Betty

Best Work Out Bikini: brought to you by Betty Style. I lived in my Orange one last summer and will be picking up the yellow and silver numbers this season. Why do I love them? Let me count the ways…The main reason is the tops and bottoms stay in place! If you are a “baby B” or smaller (cup size) like me, this is the perfect suit to wear on a lovely beach run. It’s also great for paddling – the criss cross back straps and Brazilian bottoms keep in place and still look sexy. Athletic perfection – fashion meets function, gratzi Betty!

Best Coverup: Since most of us aren’t supermodels and most likely won’t be getting married for the 20th time on a beach in our bikinis, I look towards a gorgeous white cover up for all sorts of beachy goodness. My current favorite is the Mavericks Maxi. It comes in black too. It’s draped to perfection and the fit is slim without being too tight, in other words, strappy and slinky in all of the right ways.

Swimsuits to me represent the dream of salty sun kissed skin, streaky blonde highlights and warmth-drenched days walking along the white sand beaches, paddling through turquoise waters along frothy shores, cold drinks, drifting music and relaxation. So if the question is posed, “Can a girl ever have too many bikinis?” Well, my simple answer is, no way! ♥