Keep Your Diamonds, I’ll Take Plane Tickets

by Kir

Diamonds my be some girls’ best friends, but give me airline tickets and hotel stays anytime. I’ll take my bling in the form of sunshine and upgrades thank you very much. So many places to go and so little time – dang that pesky working for a living thing! Here are some of the places on my travel radar right now – Melbourne, Cabo, Vienna, Moorea, Hong Kong, Vieques, Tuscany, Barcelona, etc. etc.. My brain’s only scratching the surface – you send me a ticket, I’ll go anywhere, but these places are at the forefront currently. And now this little gem of a city…

New Orleans – Monday night we watched Anthony Bourdain’s Layover in New Orleans. Surely you’ve seen it – or No Reservations. I’m pretty sure I’m two episodes short from seeing the entire body of work. Bless Tony and his boozy, eclectic commentary complete with some really great insight into what to see, eat and drink if you have limited time in a city! His profile on New Orleans got M and I talking about travel time again.

I’ve never been to Nola and am itching to go! Architecture, culture, food and frozen daiquiri convenience stores- oh my! I know it’s top of mind for a lot of people for Mardis Gras and the Superbowl. Great, all of them can go visit now. I’m happy to wait it out and go when things are a bit more subdued…the average temperature in May is 74 you say…Perfect!

Pedesclaux-Lemmonier Mansion

Pedesclaux-Lemmonier Mansion Source

Jazz Jazz Jazz

Jazz Jazz Jazz Source

Crawfish Heaven

Crawfish Heaven Source

Treme Neighborhood

Treme Neighborhood Source

Got the travel bug too? Want more ideas? I highly recommend checking out Cecile’s Certified Jetaholic site and TV show Lux Lifestyles (on Wealth TV). She’s always doing something fun somewhere gorgeous – although her latest exploits in a shark diving cage may not be for everyone. Trekking through Belize rain forests, hot air ballooning through Turkey and cocktails along the way, now you’re talking!  And yes, some of you may remember her from this earlier post.

Hot Air Ballooning in Turkey? Yes Please!

Hot Air Ballooning in Turkey? Yes Please!

So what are you waiting for??? Submit that vacation request, find some good fares on Kayak and get thee on an adventure!

Anywhere else I need to mark as an absolute must for our next getaway? I’m all ears!♥