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Month: February, 2013

That’s It, We’re Outta Here…

What if you could just click your heels, open your umbrella and head south, or jump on a plane whenever you pleased?

Click Those Heels

Click Those Heels

Head South W/Your Trusty Umbrella

Point Your Umbrella South

In a wonderful mood and feel like celebrating? Had a horrendously crap day and feel like chucking it all?  How lovely, to just…go. If you have the means, don’t think. Grab your passport and proceed to the nearest airport for a sun drenched destination. G’ahead, we’ll be here cheering you on and  living vicariously.

Later Gator!

Later Gator! Get Outta Dodge While You Can (source)

Sometimes things feel overwhelming. Sometimes we wish for an escape route, an exit strategy and a way to transport ourselves to a better place, a better time, etc. Sometimes it seems like we are stuck on the merry-go-round and it’s taking forever to improve our circumstances.

Do Try...Some Days It's Easier Than Others

Do Try…Some Days It’s Easier Than Others

Start Where You Are...Yes, Yes, Very Logical

Start Where You Are…Yes, Yes, Very Logical

And sometimes all of the positive thinking, motivational advice and law of attraction exercises just aren’t going to cut it. On those days, if we can’t hop a plane to Tahiti and get out of dodge, I think it’s best to wave the white flag on the day. On those days, it’s okay to give in to a wonderful daydream, take a bubble batch, watch a girly movie, help yourself to a big, healthy glass of wine – or some combination of the above.

Daydream Activated - Oh Yes Please!

Daydream Activated – Oh Yes Please!

For me, I will be taking advantage of having the house to myself to indulge in a trifecta of awesomeness – Australian Vogue, Pinterest and a dry glass (or two) of Sauvignon Blanc served in my favorite wine glass “borrowed” from a restaurant I’ve frequented.

Trifecta of Girly Awesomeness

Trifecta of Girly Awesomeness

Tomorrow will be a new day…until then daydreams will do.

Let's Try This Tomorrow

Let’s Try This Tomorrow!

Pure Pisces

I am part of a family of fishies. My Mom, brother and I are all Pisces. My Dad’s birthday is in March too, but he missed the crucial cutoff and alas, he’s an aries. It’s probably for the best – someone needs to have their head out of the clouds. Just kidding. We’re all a pretty, happy, but often sensitive bunch.

I must confess, February is my least favorite month. Every year I try, but overall it gives me the blues. Short days, rainy/cold weather and an overall weariness of winter. On the bright side, some of my favorite people on the planet were born in this month so, for that, I’m glad it exists!

Miss Lissa

Miss Lissa, probably the best Aquarius around

So I love it when the Pisces season rolls in. Then I can pretend Spring’s a ‘comin and then bam, summer will be hot on her heels. So here is a visual homage to the Pisces.


Bobbing Along


Pisces Albert Einstein




Floating Starfish


Miss Kitty Awesomeness


Let’s Get Lost




Sandy Fishies

Happy Birthday month to the beachy dreamers. May this be our best year yet!!!

Take the Leap of Faith!

I came across a photo on Instagram (posted by Maya Swimwear) and the lightbulb in my head came to life in a big, bright way.

Let's stop wasting time

And the lightbulb went on…

So I got out my trusty journal and jotted down some irrational fears of what’s holding me back creatively in my work life. They go a little something like this…how will I make enough money? what if I can’t execute my ideas? how is what I want to do unique when there is so much competition? what if I take a big leap of faith and fail? what if my ideas are stupid? what if my partner(s) don’t think I’m contributing my fair share? how do I pick one thing and stick to it? more money, money, money thoughts…And on and on and on.

Screen Shot 2013-02-20 at 7.53.47 AM

My trusty irrational thoughts journal…Kristin knows me well!

Once I dump all of my negative “word vomit” in my It’s Going To Be Okay  journal, the slate is clean and ready for some good ‘ole Law of Attraction creation time. Side note: my girlfriend bought me this journal for Christmas and it makes me laugh every time I see it. It actually lives in my bathroom displayed where I can see it each morning! Each page has a funny or thoughtful quote to inspire the entry. I save this journal for when I need to get rid of stuff.

I truly believe positive thought and visualization is key to living the life you dream of. And that if you can alleviate the fear and worry, then the universe shows up for you in ways beyond your wildest dreams! The trick is to actually do this – to really let go of all the worry, fear and indecision – it is the tricky part. Simple, but not easy.

So here was my process early yesterday morning…

After the journal entry, I picked up my notebook (I love a good grid paper spiral, but that’s just me), imagined what my perfect, ideal work day would look like and then wrote it out putting times by it and everything. Remember the movie The Secret? My favorite part was one of the experts talking about how he visualizes what his perfect day would be each day. I’ve always loved this idea. Why not?

I created my perfect day.

I created my perfect day.

Once I wrote it all out, I folded it with the words facing out (instinctively, this seemed right to me) with another manifestation brainstorm I wrote out a couple of weeks ago that focused more on my love/family/personal goals for the year.

My Law of Attraction Inspirations

My Law of Attraction Inspirations

Then I put both of these in my trusty Cleobella wallet on the money side, thinking wealth, abundance, etc.

I carry my Cleobella wherever I makes sense to have my dreams with me too

My Cleobella goes everywhere w/ me…makes sense to have my dreams w/ me too!

I believe so much of manifesting comes with using your intuition (going with your gut). This may or may not work for you, but these kinds of exercises make me feel that I’m somewhat in control of creating the life I want. It’s my job to dream it, visualize it and put it out to the universe. Then it becomes my job to let go of the reins, stop holding on so tightly and allow the universe to do its job to bring these dreams to fruition. They may not look exactly how I envisioned them, but they will be heard and realized if I step back and allow the magic to happen!

Take the Leap of Faith

Take the Leap of Faith

Too cosmic for you today? No worries, I’ll be posting pics of the world’s best cheese shop or my favorite bikini from the SI Swim issue soon!!!

But if you do decide to give it a try and it’s not too personal, I’d love to hear how it goes for you. Really, what do you have to lose? Here’s to taking the leap of faith! xxoo