Day 1, Check…

by Kir

Okey dokey, day 1 is in the bag. Long run, check. Squats – piece of cake, knocked them out watching Travel in Style – Portugal on Wealth TV while stretching out jeans fresh from the dryer – multitasking at its best!

I set myself up for success pre-run by guzzling to big glasses of water and a small Nutribullet juice of berries, banana, kale, coconut water and turmeric. Grabbed a Gu and two Clif shot blocks just in case. I ran solo this morning and sans iPod since my favorite run buddy, Renee, over-achieved and knocked her long run out yesterday. Overall, I felt pretty good, although mile 8 without music as a bit of a slow go!

Once I got back I rewarded myself with some mindless Pinterest daydreams. Here are some sun and “train for bikini season” inspiration…♥


Oh How I Love Seafolly!


Love Everything About This…


Freckly Golden Goodness


Will Run For Blood Orange Sangria


Post Run Recovery & Frolic


Best Towel Ever. Sold out on Shopbop, but try here


My Heart Is With the Sea