Still On Track…

by Kir

Okay, two days to go. Mani/Pedi, check. Highlights (way overdue) check – thanks Garidy, you are simply the best!!! Squats, push ups, sit-ups, check check, check. No beer, yup. It’s all fine. No big deal, not feeling deprived at all. Sleepy? Yes, but that’s only because it’s freezing by San Diego standards and I just want to curl up and go to bed at 7:30. We’re making homemade soup for dinner if that gives you any insight!

Since my brain is a bit fried, how about another series of motivating photos? Sorry, this is more for me than you guys. Must keep myself motivated in the final stretch. Will be drinking loads of greens tomorrow!


The Grass Is Greener…


Today I Choose Good!


Thank You For This, Miss Goldfish Kiss


Gaby, A Forever Fitness Inspiration

Ahhhh Yoga

Ahhhh Yoga


So quick, before you over-think it, knock out some squats! Then cuddle up and get a great night’s sleep…Your bootie and your brain will thank you♥