Click Your Heels…

by Kir

Click your heels and repeat after me…”There’s no place like home, there is no place like home”

Click Those Heels...Sometimes there's no place like home

Click Those Heels…Sometimes there’s no place like home

My parents live in Colorado just outside of Boulder. If I had my choice, they’d be in a pretty little one-story, beautifully lit cottage by the sea somewhere Central/Southern California coastal, but until that happens, the two hour flight to Colorado is pretty good. It’s easy to get to and from and you get your snow fix in the winter and acres of wildflower mountain hikes in the summer. My parents are only too happy to hop over to San Diego for a sunny weekend so it works pretty well for us all. But time passing quickly, busy schedules, I hadn’t been to Colorado since last spring. So M and I found a great fair and took full advantage. There is nothing like going home and spending time with your parents, especially if you have my parents. And yes, there is no question I am completely biased.

I Mean...C'mon, Who Wouldn't Want to Get Spoiled Rotten by These Two!

I Mean…C’mon, Who Wouldn’t Want to Get Spoiled Rotten by These Two!

Your family knows you better than anyone.  A close second, your longtime love (M in my case) knows me, gets me – the fact that I will brake anytime, anywhere for a good, hot pretzel (a fact unbeknownst to my P’s) but it’s different, no less special, but different.

Prepping for Weather Below 50...

Prepping for Weather Below 50…Cool Inadvertent Flash Effect

Thursday night I packed my winter gear (thanks for heavy puffy Renee!), downloaded some books on my Kindle and prepared to chill for the weekend. Mission accomplished. In three days, we logged about 5 hours a day playing cards, 1 hour runs in the mornings (damn you altitude!!!) and lots and lots of food and beverage sampling. It was relaxation at it’s best. And I wouldn’t trade those moments of laughter, reminiscing and quality time for the world. Even if it’s a short and sweet visit, put away your phone, leave your laptop at home (which I did for the first time ever – gasp) and enjoy the amazing company of your family.  The stories and time spent are so priceless…Here is a visual of our weekend ♥

Standing in Front of Mecca, aka the Cheese Shop of the Angels...

Standing in Front of Mecca, aka the Cheese Shop of the Angels…



Caught Snowflakes on My Tongue

Caught Snowflakes on My Tongue

Holy Cheese Platter, Batman

Holy Cheese Platter, Batman

Love a Good Airport Bar - Best People Watching Ever

Love a Good Airport Bar – Best People Watching Ever

Up next…where I’ve got my sights set on next and an in-depth look into one of the world’s most magical cheese shop…riveting I know!!! ♥♥♥

Best Sign at DIA...Something to Think About

Best Sign at DIA…Something to Think About