Take a Break – 50 Squats, Don’t Think, Just Do…

by Kir

Okay, it’s almost 3:00, aka, crash time…instead of grabbing that Snickers let’s take 5 by doing 50 squats…then sit in the “pretend chair” for 60 seconds. Why not grab your co-workers? You can brain storm and tone at the same time.

Gioia, Me & Dawn... multi-tasking

Gioia, Me & Dawn… multi-tasking – a different kind of chair pose!

Dorky you say? Well maybe, but bikini season will be here before you know it and our booties won’t be toning themselves. And if you haven’t seen the new SI swim issue, trust me, it’s chock full of beautiful yet gorgeously, unforgiving cheeky styles. We’re all in this together girls.

Kate B in all her Stone Cold Fox cheeky glory!

Christie and Kate in all their Stone Fox cheeky glory!

Repeat after me, I do not want the Snickers, I do not want the Snickers…In the time it takes you to mull over why you should or shouldn’t do this squat/chair combo, you’ll be done!!! ♥