Pure Pisces

by Kir

I am part of a family of fishies. My Mom, brother and I are all Pisces. My Dad’s birthday is in March too, but he missed the crucial cutoff and alas, he’s an aries. It’s probably for the best – someone needs to have their head out of the clouds. Just kidding. We’re all a pretty, happy, but often sensitive bunch.

I must confess, February is my least favorite month. Every year I try, but overall it gives me the blues. Short days, rainy/cold weather and an overall weariness of winter. On the bright side, some of my favorite people on the planet were born in this month so, for that, I’m glad it exists!

Miss Lissa

Miss Lissa, probably the best Aquarius around

So I love it when the Pisces season rolls in. Then I can pretend Spring’s a ‘comin and then bam, summer will be hot on her heels. So here is a visual homage to the Pisces.


Bobbing Along


Pisces Albert Einstein




Floating Starfish


Miss Kitty Awesomeness


Let’s Get Lost




Sandy Fishies

Happy Birthday month to the beachy dreamers. May this be our best year yet!!!