That’s It, We’re Outta Here…

by Kir

What if you could just click your heels, open your umbrella and head south, or jump on a plane whenever you pleased?

Click Those Heels

Click Those Heels

Head South W/Your Trusty Umbrella

Point Your Umbrella South

In a wonderful mood and feel like celebrating? Had a horrendously crap day and feel like chucking it all?  How lovely, to just…go. If you have the means, don’t think. Grab your passport and proceed to the nearest airport for a sun drenched destination. G’ahead, we’ll be here cheering you on and  living vicariously.

Later Gator!

Later Gator! Get Outta Dodge While You Can (source)

Sometimes things feel overwhelming. Sometimes we wish for an escape route, an exit strategy and a way to transport ourselves to a better place, a better time, etc. Sometimes it seems like we are stuck on the merry-go-round and it’s taking forever to improve our circumstances.

Do Try...Some Days It's Easier Than Others

Do Try…Some Days It’s Easier Than Others

Start Where You Are...Yes, Yes, Very Logical

Start Where You Are…Yes, Yes, Very Logical

And sometimes all of the positive thinking, motivational advice and law of attraction exercises just aren’t going to cut it. On those days, if we can’t hop a plane to Tahiti and get out of dodge, I think it’s best to wave the white flag on the day. On those days, it’s okay to give in to a wonderful daydream, take a bubble batch, watch a girly movie, help yourself to a big, healthy glass of wine – or some combination of the above.

Daydream Activated - Oh Yes Please!

Daydream Activated – Oh Yes Please!

For me, I will be taking advantage of having the house to myself to indulge in a trifecta of awesomeness – Australian Vogue, Pinterest and a dry glass (or two) of Sauvignon Blanc served in my favorite wine glass “borrowed” from a restaurant I’ve frequented.

Trifecta of Girly Awesomeness

Trifecta of Girly Awesomeness

Tomorrow will be a new day…until then daydreams will do.

Let's Try This Tomorrow

Let’s Try This Tomorrow!