Friday and an 80 Degree Forecast!

by Kir

Friday and an 80 degree forecast for the weekend can do wonders for an otherwise pretty craptastic (sorry!) week. I know a lot of us have had our fair share of stress and I won’t be the only one sprinting for the door in about 20 minutes. It’s a great reminder that nothing is permanent, be it the weather, a mood, a crisis, a happy moment. It all shifts so we may as well take deep breaths and roll along with the punches (or the tides if you prefer that metaphor). I hope you have something wonderful in store for the weekend. Here is what I will be doing!

I will have a beer on the beach for everyone!

I will have a beer on the beach for everyone!

And a very beautiful, magical wonderful person was born today. And thank goodness for that because the world is a brighter, happier more amazing place because she is in it! And we’re oh so very lucky. Happy Happy Birthday Mom…


Happy Happy Birthday to the Best Mom in the Universe!

If your weather forecast doesn’t call for tropical highs, here is a bright sunny hibiscus just for you. Close your eyes and go for a little daydream…


Happy Friday to All!

Happy happy Friday to All!!!