The Birthday Manifesto…

by Kir

My birthday is 13 days away. Usually I take a little time to scratch out some goals for the year or put thoughts to paper about how I’d like to see things play out. After a stressful week (last few months really), with a lot of cumulative worrying, I decided to check out and go back to basics this weekend. When in doubt, I go to the beach. And sometimes I stay at the beach. For hours. This weekend was fun beach time with some treasured girls. Lucky me, I went Saturday to sit and nap and read and chat. Sunday, I went for a 6 mile long-legged stroll and talked and breathed. The over-arching themes playing in my mind are “going back to basics”, “doing less with more (and liking it)” and “drawing from a daily appreciation of beauty in all forms”. I try not to over-edit or think these things…they come up, I write them down and, voila, the birthday manifesto for 2013 is born.

Birthday Manifesto - 2013

Birthday Manifesto – 2013

Now it’s time to get ready for pizza and beer with M and his Dad at Pizza Port. Happy Sunday!!!