Springing Forward

by Kir

Today is one of my most favorite days of the year. While others moan about an hour less of sleep, I do my happy dance b/c I know the sun’s setting an  hour later and I will get longer, fuller days. It’s also an irrefutable sign that tides are turning, events are shifting and sunny spring days are here. And I love my sunny days!

We got up this morning, had our coffee and went for a beach walk. Now that our marathon/half marathon trainings are over for the moment, I can get M to walk with me. It’s so fun. We people watched, dolphin watched and I actually pushed his pace for once. Running, he leaves me in the dust, no fun. But walking is another story. My high-waisted, long-leggedness that surprisingly, does me no speed favors running, kicks in on walks and I can go for miles! Maybe I should have been a speed walker?



Anyway, we have lots of changes a foot. And they are good. And we are breathing huge sighs of relief and gratitude in our little corner of the world. Sometimes (often times) when you think you’re finally at your edge and you can’t get off the merry-go-round and you want to wave the white flag and go rock yourself in the corner, something finally shifts. You make a small decision (conscious or sub-conscious) and suddenly, it’s like the universe nods in your favor and says, “Aaahhh, look there. She’s got it”. And then things start to happen.

When that happened Friday, I closed my eyes and smiled and took the deepest, most cleansing breath I’d taken in months. You probably heard it. And boy did we stop and acknowledge the moment. With a little Veuve. Yep, Veuve, fancy cheese and some high-end crackers. That’s how we roll, kinda.

Celebrate good times, c'mon!

Celebrate good times, c’mon!

I have the rest of the day to myself since M is flying out to the east coast for the day. I hadn’t been able to write in days. Just storing up reserve energy to focus on the positive. So I grabbed a second cup of coffee (Sunday luxury) and have been sitting in my sun-drenched back yard taking in my beautiful surrounds and counting every last blessing.


Coffee, Kindle & Backyard Beauty

M, my true love. My family. My friends both close and in other parts of the world. The flowers, the color, my outdoor couch, my birthday coming up, a week-long forecast in the 70s. We may not be in this place much longer and that’s okay. Because there are new adventures and new opportunities waiting.


You need a little rain to blossom!


Wild, happy rosemary


Fresh offerings for my backyard buddha…

And the days are getting longer. And Summer is coming. And it’s all very, very good. Happy Daylight Savings♥