Buh-Bye Instagram

by Kir

Goodnight sweetheart, well it’s time to go…Yes Instagram, it was a fun and pretty ride. I fell in love, you made me feel good with your Lo-fi flattery and I loved being able to get a visual glimpse at what my friends and favorite brands were up to. But like any relationship not based on substance, we started to go south before the year mark. The passion fizzled, hurt feelings and time suckage ensued.


In my quest for “No More Emotional Drive-by’s”, I mercilessly deleted my account. And with Instagram, once it’s gone, finito, you can’t get it back! If I feel the need to enhance a photo, there’s always pic frame. Oh yea, and that Photoshop class I took, I can apply my knowledge there as well. No more posting my picture to see what friends will think it’s awesome – I already have Facebook and Twitter for that. Maybe those will go someday too. But for now one little step at a time. No need to go super cold turkey.

What is the biggest upside to this? I will happily gain approximately 30 minutes a day to go do something fun and productive. Instead of looking at other people’s posted sunsets, I will be watching my own. And all of that food photography, well, it’s great, but going forward, I’m going to stop torturing M and let him eat his food while it’s hot for once.

It’s two days until my birthday and I feel a touch more detoxed and mature already! This will be my mantra. See below mantra. Thanks for the laughs Instagram!♥

Screen Shot 2013-03-14 at 11.38.23 AM