A Little Detoxing Never Hurts

by Kir

As I kick off the first week of this “age year”, a little detox is in order. The perk of having a birthday in the middle of March is it usually falls just after daylight savings. Growing up, it meant Spring Break and an annual trip to Florida or some other warm, sunny destination (I grew up in the midwest for the most part) Anyhoo, point being, each year as my birthday approaches, I’m already mentally prepping for the spring thaw and losing the more decadent habits of winter. M is in the beer business and, yes, we have beer on tap at our house. It’s a slippery slope when the purified water tap and the beer tap reside side by side. No one’s keeping score but…

Beer + Goldfish, not on your typical detox menu...

Beer + Goldfish, not on your typical detox menu…

After a bit of a decadent, fun-loving birthday weekend, it’s time for a little clean up. (This is the understatement of the year, btw) I’m not one for drastic cleanses. Remember the master cleanse? Phew, I think 3 hours in, I literally wanted to kill someone. I wasn’t even hungry yet. And I’m non-violent by nature, truly. I’ve played around with a few different ones and now I use a detox program I love, modified for what works for me to get the job done.

My favorite is the Juicers Solana Beach cleanse. I do it 3-4 times a year. I love it because you still eat dinner at night. This is a big deal for me b/c I really need that mental crutch of “chewing” to get me through. And unlike other cleanses I’ve tried, I rarely feel weak or light headed. Want a great, informative overview? Lauryn over at Skinny Confidential explains it way better than I can. So go check out her summary here! She gives a recipe breakdown too so you can make your own versions (via Nutri bullet or Vitamix) or, if you live near Solana Beach, just call in the order. Make sure to call ahead about 48 hours b/c they are tiny and need a little lead time.

Day 2 is my favorite!

Day 2 is my favorite!

I’m a baby and ask for the instructions and my little 8oz cup so i can portion out my servings while at work. You drink 8oz every hour and then supplement with tons of water throughout the day. I find that if I drink my juice at the top of the hour and then make sure to guzzle water on the half hour, it works for me mentally. And it gives me something to keep track of. Hey, whatever gets you through the day right? No alcohol, no caffeine, no dairy and no refined sugar. But before you go running for the hills, keep in mind there are no hard and fast rules – at least not in my world. I allow myself a small cup of coffee with a little milk each morning. The detox gurus may all gasp, mutter and shake their heads, but ultimately, I’m still 98% cleaner than most days and that’s what works for me. So there. Use your best judgement, consult an expert if you wish. (that’s the official disclaimer that I’m not an expert!!!)

It's only three days

It’s only three days

You don't want to be this guy...

You too may need a cleanse if you were like this guy…

For me, the key to a little detox is prepping in advance. I set myself up for success with some simple plans. If M is going to be away on business, that’s ideal. Because I get a bit tired and maybe a touch cranky when he’s eating pizza in front of me on day 3 – just sayin.

Okay, maybe I get a little cranky

Okay, maybe I get a little cranky

B) Monday-Wednesday or Tuesday-Thursday is my best bet. I look at my calendar to make sure I don’t have any work events. C) I grocery shop and plan my 3 dinners prior to the cleanse start date. This way I have all the ingredients I need and no excuse to cheat due to lack of ingredients. I’ll go to our Farmer’s Market in Leucadia or Solana Beach and then fill in with lean protein from Seaside Market. It also gives me something to look forward to and I feel like I’m treating myself. I prep as much of the food as I can prior to starting too.

Stock up on lots of yummy goodness

Stock up on lots of yummy goodness. Source.

D) I check the yoga schedule and see when the restorative yoga after work classes are. Some people keep to their regular running or fitness programs. But i consider this my body’s time to re-energize and restore. If I’m feeling fatigued and i don’t want to go to a class, I don’t beat myself up. Plenty of exercise down the road when the cleanse is over. Side note: yoga classes are easy to download. Do a 15 or 30 minute session with Yoga Glo and get your fix! You can do a 15 day  trial for free. Take classes from Elena, Sianna and Jo – wow! May have to do a separate post on this sometime…

Stretch, Unwind, Let Go

Stretch, Unwind, Let Go

D) I give M plenty of warning and I queue up movies that make me happy. Or anything Masterpiece Theater – Downton Abby, Pride & Predjudice… I also have the Making of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue on hand just in case I feel like making a break for the peanut M&M machine. Yes, our house is a mine field for anyone without a steely resolve…

Yep, we have a cup full of pennies off to the left, oy.

Can’t tell from the pic, but there’s a cup full of pennies off to the left, oy.

The best thing about a detox is how you feel once it’s over. My body feels like I hit the reset button. I don’t just reach for something because it’s there. I think about it first and then I make a decision. It may not last forever, but I can usually stay on track for a couple of months. And now that I have my trusty Nutribullet, I don’t get so far off track anymore. Still, three days without dairy, alcohol and sugar isn’t going to kill me. Last piece of advice, take a picture of yourself before the cleanse. Not necessarily your body – I take a picture of my face and hair. Then I take a picture after. I don’t post this anywhere or put it on Facebook or add a more flattering filter on Instagram – these pics are just for me. I can tell right away that my eyes are more clear, my hair is shiny and my skin looks healthy. I will be starting my 3-day on Tuesday if you care to join me!!!