Day One Done…

by Kir

Day one of the juice cleanse, complete! And…not too bad. I think it’s actually easier to do this when you’re working. As long as you don’t have to present in front of people or make any really critical decisions then you’re good!

Day 1 Juice

Day 1 Juice

A little tip I learned from my friendly juice guy at Juicers today…give yourself a little time after you drink your juice before you guzzle the water. That way you don’t flush out all of the yummy nutrients from the juice. So drink your juice on hour then wait 10-15 minutes and then drink as much water as you want after that. Genius!

Winner winner chicken dinner

Winner, winner chicken dinner

Then dinner, hooray! Grilled chicken never tasted so good. About 4 oz of lean chicken to be exact. Then a small handful of shrimp to make things interesting. Grill up some peppers and a little tomato and throw over greens. I made a dressing with cracked pepper, red wine vinegar, half a lime and 1tsp of oil. Pretty darn good. Chewing is fun.

Now I cannot lie, gonna keep this short and sweet b/c I don’t have a lot of extra energy to spare. Have a great night and a cocktail for me! ♥