Day 2, If It Were Easy Everyone Would Do It…

by Kir

Yes, if it were easy, everyone would do it! But, honestly, it’s really not that bad. I started my morning off with a small coffee with a splash of milk (gasp, tsk tsk), grabbed my Day 2 juice and headed off to work.


Day 2, Bring it!

I usually have my coffee on the way to work (6:45am) and then have breakfast after I’ve been working for an hour so (9am post email check). So for the first part of the morning my brain is tricked into everything being status quo. Luckily, there is a ton to do this week with events, planning, etc. So my mind has been occupied and not obsessing too much about eating.


Day 2 looks the worst, but tastes the best…

The green color of Day 2 isn’t that appetizing, but it sure tastes yummy. So good in fact that it wasn’t till about 2pm that I started to feel a bit fatigued. But still not too bad. If  you are new to cleansing, this is pretty common. It’s always good to have some emergency snacks just in case. I’m not an expert and there is probably someone who has better advice, but for me personally, I have those mini packs of carrots in the fridge and the Trader Joe nut packs in my desk drawer. Before I resort to this, I’ll make some Chamomile tea. The hot water is soothing and the chamomile is enough flavor that it usually gets me through. And if that doesn’t work…

My Support Team Eats Food On My Behalf

My Support Team Eats Food On My Behalf…

If you’re lucky like me, you have some smart ass friends who will volunteer to eat on your behalf and ask you questions to keep your mind off things! So really it just breezes on by. (light sarcasm) Only one hour to go until I get to eat this delicious green salad with tuna (mixed with red wine vinegar and lemon, not mayo). I promise, I’m normally never that girl who discusses her food in detail, but it’s cleanse time and it just may be helpful. Plus after drinking 8oz of juice on the hour for eight hours, you too would have an overactive enthusiasm for a salad!!!

Probably gonna be the best salad ever!

Probably gonna be the best salad ever!

The plus, I can already see my eyes are more clear and my hair looks a bit shinier – really, I’m not kidding. And I’m wearing my skinny jeans and feel pretty dang skinny. And I slept like a baby last night. Take the wins where you can! xo ♥