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Month: March, 2013

Blogging in a Bikini

It’s Saturday, it’s sunny and I’m eating real food again. Life is good!!! It was cloudy this morning so I got up and went to yoga. By the time I got out, the sun was a ‘shinin. I got home, changed into my bikini and plopped on the outdoor couch for a little juice posting recap…


Blogger HQ…aka, my happy place

Post cleanse, I feel really good. It’s like doing a really deep spring cleaning on your closet. You get rid of all the old stuff you don’t need any more, you fold all your t-shirts, straighten all shoes, hang your dresses according to length and color – you get the picture. It’s funny because as much as I was counting down the days, it really wasn’t that bad. And you’d think you would immediately want to go eat everything in sight, but you don’t. That would be like spending three days on the closet only to dump a bunch of dirty laundry in the middle of the floor. So two days off and I am still eating very healthy and enjoying each bite. Sushi on Friday. Greek yogurt w/fresh berries and almonds post yoga on Saturday morning. I feel energized and happy. If you are considering it, really I couldn’t vouch for it enough. Just make sure to choose something that works for you and isn’t too extreme!

And, if at all possible, try to have your man out of town and nothing planned in the evenings. Wed and Thursday I had back to back events. So it was work all day and work on events at night. Not ideal, but aside from a couple woozy moments, I made it through okay. Even though I ended up co-bartending in front of a sea of cupcakes and champagne – not even tempted. How’s that for will power!

Oh Sure, make the girl on a juice cleanse bartend!

Oh Sure, make the girl on a juice cleanse bartend! (w/darling Kristen)

Another upside of cleansing…I feel stronger and sparkly (yes, sparkly), which I haven’t for a while. Months of yummy winter eating tastes good, but can dull your overall glow and leave you feeling a bit puffy. My hair is shiny, my skin and eyes are clear and I’m a bit leaner. Hooray! And good thing too because I have seriously the best girlfriends on the planet who spoiled me rotten for my birthday by getting me these beautiful treasures!!!!


LSpace Flutter By Fabulousness – it’s been on my wishlist since Spring 13 previews!!!!

I’ve only blogged about both items 2 or 3 times each. So this tells me a) my girls know me so well b) at least two of them are picking up on the hints I lay down in this here blog and c) I’m going to need to be at my fighting weight to do these treasures proud! Again to all of my Friday night sweet thoughtful gfs, thank you for making me feel so special and spoiled. You’ll see me wearing both pieces frequently to our beach days and cocktail sessions throughout the Spring and Summer season ♥♥♥

Kicking Friday avo off right w/two of my beauties

Kicking Friday avo off right w/two of my beauties

So here’s to shedding some layers for spring, enjoying a beautiful Saturday morning and keeping up good habits as the days get longer and the temperatures climb! PS, not to be outdone, my amazing Mom sent me a gift card from Happy day!!! Stay tuned for a riveting post on my soon-to-be ecstatic swell purchases!!! xxoo

Day 2, If It Were Easy Everyone Would Do It…

Yes, if it were easy, everyone would do it! But, honestly, it’s really not that bad. I started my morning off with a small coffee with a splash of milk (gasp, tsk tsk), grabbed my Day 2 juice and headed off to work.


Day 2, Bring it!

I usually have my coffee on the way to work (6:45am) and then have breakfast after I’ve been working for an hour so (9am post email check). So for the first part of the morning my brain is tricked into everything being status quo. Luckily, there is a ton to do this week with events, planning, etc. So my mind has been occupied and not obsessing too much about eating.


Day 2 looks the worst, but tastes the best…

The green color of Day 2 isn’t that appetizing, but it sure tastes yummy. So good in fact that it wasn’t till about 2pm that I started to feel a bit fatigued. But still not too bad. If  you are new to cleansing, this is pretty common. It’s always good to have some emergency snacks just in case. I’m not an expert and there is probably someone who has better advice, but for me personally, I have those mini packs of carrots in the fridge and the Trader Joe nut packs in my desk drawer. Before I resort to this, I’ll make some Chamomile tea. The hot water is soothing and the chamomile is enough flavor that it usually gets me through. And if that doesn’t work…

My Support Team Eats Food On My Behalf

My Support Team Eats Food On My Behalf…

If you’re lucky like me, you have some smart ass friends who will volunteer to eat on your behalf and ask you questions to keep your mind off things! So really it just breezes on by. (light sarcasm) Only one hour to go until I get to eat this delicious green salad with tuna (mixed with red wine vinegar and lemon, not mayo). I promise, I’m normally never that girl who discusses her food in detail, but it’s cleanse time and it just may be helpful. Plus after drinking 8oz of juice on the hour for eight hours, you too would have an overactive enthusiasm for a salad!!!

Probably gonna be the best salad ever!

Probably gonna be the best salad ever!

The plus, I can already see my eyes are more clear and my hair looks a bit shinier – really, I’m not kidding. And I’m wearing my skinny jeans and feel pretty dang skinny. And I slept like a baby last night. Take the wins where you can! xo ♥

Day One Done…

Day one of the juice cleanse, complete! And…not too bad. I think it’s actually easier to do this when you’re working. As long as you don’t have to present in front of people or make any really critical decisions then you’re good!

Day 1 Juice

Day 1 Juice

A little tip I learned from my friendly juice guy at Juicers today…give yourself a little time after you drink your juice before you guzzle the water. That way you don’t flush out all of the yummy nutrients from the juice. So drink your juice on hour then wait 10-15 minutes and then drink as much water as you want after that. Genius!

Winner winner chicken dinner

Winner, winner chicken dinner

Then dinner, hooray! Grilled chicken never tasted so good. About 4 oz of lean chicken to be exact. Then a small handful of shrimp to make things interesting. Grill up some peppers and a little tomato and throw over greens. I made a dressing with cracked pepper, red wine vinegar, half a lime and 1tsp of oil. Pretty darn good. Chewing is fun.

Now I cannot lie, gonna keep this short and sweet b/c I don’t have a lot of extra energy to spare. Have a great night and a cocktail for me! ♥