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Month: April, 2013

A Little Life Mentoring…

Having a mentor both personally and professionally is an amazing thing. You have someone you can look up to and someone who’s been down “that road” before that you can ask advice and bounce ideas off of outside of your family. I’ve been really lucky in my life to come across some pretty incredible mentors. They may be in my life for a short time or for the long haul. It doesn’t matter, seek them out if you can!

I got to spend some time with one of my life mentors earlier this week, Stacy McCarthy. Stacy was one of the first people I connected with when I moved to San Diego. When you meet her, you almost wonder if she’s too good to be true. She’s beautiful, nice, has an incredible family and works harder than just about anyone all with a smile on her face. I was still living in LA the second time we met and she actually put me up for the night in her beautiful little guest house even though I was practically a stranger.

Stacy is someone I look to when I think about setting intentions and following up with clear, decisive action to create the life you want to live. Among her many talents, Stacy teaches yoga and meditation. But she’s not intention without action. It’s not about wishing something to be so and then sitting back and hoping the universe will deliver what you want wrapped in a pretty bow.

Me & Stacy, up to something

Me & Stacy, Up to Who Knows What…

We initially collaborated on some work projects way back when. We hustled, created networking events and matched each other in work ethic and drive. At the time, I was new to town and newly single so I pretty much worked all of the time. I had a fun job so luckily it was ok, but I didn’t have a lot of balance. I learned balance spending time with Stacy. She worked hard on her marriage and raising her kids. She was busy, but fitting it all in and still taking time to travel the world with the family in tow. At the time, I was pretty independent and M was still bopping around like a single guy. But it was impactful to see her and know that you could combine work, love and family and have it be a fun, fulfilling experience. I came across this writing from Stacy the other day about her family creed and I just loved it. As M and I create our journey together, it’s something we are committed to creating together. ♥

Screen Shot 2013-04-26 at 9.57.31 AM

Stacy’s Donation Class for City of Hope – what a privilege  to attend…

Have a read:

The McCarthy Family Vision. The purpose of our family is to love and support each family member in achieving the fulfillment that comes from doing their best to fulfill their life purpose, maintaining high levels of integrity, and working to improve themselves each day.

The McCarthy Family Creed

  • Today, I give thanks for all that I am and all that I have.
  • Today, I treat everyone I see with kindness, love and respect.
  • Today, I do my very best in everything I do.
  • Today, I do my very best to increase my knowledge, skills, health and attitude.
  • Today, I create wealth and abundance for myself and all those around me.

Isn’t that pretty and powerful?  She talks about how she and the kids would recite the creed everyday on the drive to school. And that, yes, it was awkward at first, but it became a habit.

From Stacy, “While I can’t point to any specific miracles that are a result of our creed, I can tell you I have two fantastic kids. Even as teenagers, we enjoy spending time together. They are loving and respectful, they excel in academics and athletics, and they are leaders. Every day we have a choice of where we want to set our intention and our family creed helped nudge the kids in setting the right intention. Namaste”

Stacy, true beauty in & out

Stacy, true beauty in & out

I love this because you’re setting an intention, committing to it and turning it into action. And to set your kids habits from the get go…wow, what a gift.

Wrapping up, your mentors are important. They can guide and shape you. It’s important to find people who inspire you to be better, to excel, to love and to be the person you can be. In my collection of these wonderful people, Stacy has most definitely had an impact. She inspires me to hold out to do work that I love and am passionate about, to commit myself to living a life I love every day, to be really present in my relationship with M and to live a life I’ll enjoy telling stories about when I’m old. It’s not always easy, but it’s definitely worth it.♥


Have an incredible weekend! xo

Love the Skin You’re In

Summer’s coming!!! It’s going to be in the high 70s today and I’m taking a R&R day. Soooo, I’ll be outside most of the day in the bright sunshine. Around my birthday time I usually kick off a solid skincare regime and resolve to be really good with my sunscreen. But sometimes it’s a damn if you do, damn if you don’t kind of world? Meaning, you slather on your favorite sunscreen only to find out later that it’s filled with toxins and is probably worse for you then going without? Well, I found a really great website about two years that really helps evaluate your products! Actually, M found it because he is a devout Howard Stern listener and Howard was talking about how his wife, Beth, was really careful about her skin and referenced the site. Have you seen Beth Stern? She’s gorgeous and glowing. So I figured, if it works for Beth, I better go see what this is all about.

Beautiful, glowy Beth Stern

Beautiful, glowy Beth Stern

Enter in Skin Deep by It stands for Environmental Working Group. Skin Deep is their cosmetic database. You can search all of your beauty products from face cream to nail polish and they’ll give you a range from low, moderate and high hazard. It’s really easy to use and amazing how many products are in the database. Spoiler alert…it can also be a little sad when your favorite product rates a 9 on a scale of 1-10 and not in a good way. But such is life. You can also search the best products to substitute out the one you now have to throw away! That’s how we found out our Ocean Potion Face Potion is a 3 – hooray! Both M and I use it on our faces religiously in the summer. It breaks down the ingredients and tells you why something is good or not so good in terms you understand.

Ocean Potion Passed the Test!

Ocean Potion Passed the Test!

I love my Ocean Potion because it’s inexpensive ($5 or less), not too greasy and I don’t break out when I wear it. Unfortunately, my Neutrogena SPF 70 Face that I used to use every morning didn’t fare as well. So into the trash it went…

Bye Neutrogena, breaking up is hard to do...

Bye Neutrogena, breaking up is hard to do…

It’s not full proof and there are definitely brands missing, but overall, it’s a pretty great site to bookmark.

Newly introduced into my skincare regime is serum. Murad Active Radiance Serum to be specific. You can pick up a great value kit at Sephora here if you want to try it out and see how your skin reacts. That’s what I did. All four products are working well for me. But the sunscreen got a fail from EWG because it has Vitamin A in it. Bummer. But other than that, the serum in particular is awesome. My sun exposed skin is loving it! It scored a 4 on the 1-10 scale, phew!

Murad Active Radiance Serum

Murad Active Radiance Serum

The last two things that have really helped my skin are in liquid, drinking form! The first is good ‘ole H20. I’m not always the best at this, especially at work, but I’ve really been trying to go through a lot more water. I found something that works great for me at the office. I use my Lifefactory glass bottle, ice + a Nuun tablet and voila, flavored water that I guzzle down. I love the glass bottle. In my mind it makes everything taste better. (and look pretty!) The Nuun has 10 calories and tastes delicious. I bring it to the beach too. (maybe add a little vodka & ice? Just sayin, but not for work, only for beach!) Note: there has been some Nuun blogger backlash in the last couple of weeks, but honestly, I love it and I use it all the time b/c it’s not too sweet or loaded with a bunch of crap. And yes, the new watermelon flavor really is super tasty! But fruit punch will always be my favorite!!!

Hydration All. Day. Long.

Hydration All. Day. Long.

New beauty regime addition from Yogi Tea from my brother’s girlfriend. They were in town last weekend and she was raving about Skin Detox by Yogi Tea. I figured why not try it, it can’t hurt. I like Yogi Tea b/c they use good ingredients that I recognize. I’ve been drinking 1-2 cups a day (again at work!) and after a week, I can see it really does brighten my skin. I’m not sure if it’s coincidence, but I think the darkness under my eyes is much better. Whether I’ve had a great week of sleep or the tea is working its magic, I’m not sure. But hey, something’s working so I’ll be sticking with it!

Yogi Tea, Skin Detox, definitely working!

Yogi Tea, Skin Detox, definitely working!

At the end of the day…nothing beats a really good trucker hat for natural sunscreen. Yup, those are my brown shoulders below. I can’t help it. I’m a summer beach girl and I like spending every minute I can at, in or near the ocean. But I now own an impressive selection of trucker hats so my face won’t look like a leather bag before due time! That and my trusty Keanon polarized glasses put me in comprehensive incognito for most of the beach day! (My favorites are Leila, but I think you have to search on Overstock now).

Yep, me w/bronzed shoulders and trusty trucker!

Yep, me w/bronzed shoulders and trusty trucker!

So that’s the skincare 101 for this current season. I’ll be sure to update with any newfound loves, tips or techniques. You do the same, pretty please!

Happy Friday!!! xo

Our Own Worst Critics

We are definitely our own worst critics. And by ‘we’, I mean ‘women’. Isn’t it amazing how quick we are to deny or brush off a compliment? A couple years ago a friend called it to my attention that I literally never accepted a compliment without throwing in a ‘but’ or a flat out denial. Since then, I do try to go easier on myself. I stop and take a breath before batting down a compliment. Men don’t do this. I don’t think it would occur to M to muster up the energy to say anything, but “thanks”. Us women folk are a bit crazy like that!

If you’ve been on Facebook in the last couple of days, you’ve probably seen the Dove Real Beauty sketches. If not, click here. Oh my goodness, what a beautiful, brilliant, touching experiment. And what interesting insight you get into the world of women. Men should watch this. And we women should watch this.

Everyone has beauty in them – both inside and out. How wonderful that strangers, friends, loved ones see beauty in us that we don’t see. And how nice would it be if the next time someone throws a compliment our way, we really take it in, absorb, say thank you and believe them.



Have a wonderful rest of Wednesday you gorgeous thing you!♥