A Touch of Retail Therapy

by Kir

A little retail therapy never hurts anyone. A lot of retail therapy…well, maybe. All in moderation, right?  I LOVE to online shop. Stores are open 24/7 and there are limitless possibilities of outfits, skincare, flip flops, bikinis and healthy products at my finger tips. If you’re a product company, you’ll have me at “Amazon Prime Eligible”, “5 for $26” and “Free Shipping”. I get all starry-eyed.

I thought I would share with you some of my most favorite, recent purchases and tell you why I love them…prepare to be dazzled.♦♦♦

1. Victoria’s Secret Pink booty shorts, 5 for $26. In neon brights and tie-dyes w/ just a touch of lace. Why I love them: I live in dresses in the summer and I feel much more comfortable in boy shorts in case of any unexpected gusts. They don’t give you “granny panty lines” so don’t worry. Vicky’s pink seamless hipster panty and pink tropical lace hipster are my favorites. You can sleep in them too! The colors this season are bright, fun and make me happy.

Happy hot pants! 5 for $26

Happy hot pants! 5 for $26, thanks Vicky!!!

2. Victoria’s Secret Pink Low Back Tee, 2 for $30 and even better in person!!! I’m a sucker for the multiple purchase deals. If you don’t love it, you have an instant gift to a friend who might. But alas friends, I do love them and I’m keeping them both. I got the mint and the dark gray. Note: I ordered medium, but they are a bit boxy. So in hindsight, kinda wish I’d got the small, but still they’re perfect for to/from yoga and over a bikini in the summer. Mmmhmm!

Backless Beauty - just as good in person...

Backless Beauty – just as good in person…

3. Lole Nina Duffel Bag As a general rule, I’m not a big bag person. Or I should say I’m super picky. I buy one bag that I absolutely love and I hold on to it for years. Same with wallets. Anyone who knows me, knows I’m loyal to Cleobella Mexican clutches. Heaven help me if they ever discontinue it b/c I have 3 and I adore each one with a ferocity reserved for high school romances and puppies. No joke!

One of my 3 Mexican Cleobella wallets. Swoon.

One of my 3 Mexican Cleobella wallets. Swoon.

For the last 4 possibly 5 years, I’ve been toting around a lululemon neoprene tote bag. I know it’s old because I was still working for them at the time and that was eons ago. (Note: lululemon accessories team, bring back the reversible neoprene tote from 2009 please. It was awesome!!!)

But allow me to digress…about a month ago, I met a girl named Kaila with possibly the Best. Bag. Ever. It’s the Lole Nina duffel. Part gym bag, part overnight carry-on, part laptop bag adding up to awesomeness! I keep discovering features like a kid in a candy store. It’s the perfect size, looks polished, understated and it’s going to be with me for a long time. I tried taking my own pictures, but it didn’t do Nina justice. Check out the professional version below.

The Nina Duffel, tried t

The Nina Duffel, tried taking my own pic, but didn’t do it justice!

So those are my latest purchases. I highly recommend each and every one of them. If you break your bank this month, my apologies, but I did try to feature bargains on a couple things at least. Guess what??? Only 1 more day until Friday, woohoo! xoxo