Time to Travel?

by Kir

In my book, it’s always time to travel. Especially if it’s warm, beachy and involves salt water and umbrella drinks. We have Baja on the brain. Lucky us, M and I have friends that have an awesome house just north of Ensanada in Baja. It’s low-key and absolute heaven. Even if the water stays a brisk arctic temperature most of the year, it’s still worth the trip. The beer is cold, margaritas are frosty and the tacos are divine. And thanks to the media, people don’t flock south of the border like they once did so crowds are minimal.

Yesterday, I was working away when a calendar invite popped up in my inbox. It had one word – Baja. I can’t remember when I accepted an invite so fast. If there’d been a “hell yes” button, I would have pushed that one pronto!

So Baja is on the books in a couple of weeks. My mom is coming for a visit too. So all in all, my May weekends are shaping up quite nicely!

Need some Friday afternoon escapism before you can officially “slide down the dinosaur”, ala Fred Flintstone and head out for the weekend? Here are three of my favorites…

Goldfish Kiss just posted some amazing shots of Mochilas. Don’t know what those are? Click here to be visually delighted! Spoiler alert, they’re amazing and you’ll love them!

Visual Delight Sneak Peak...thanks GFK! Click Here

Visual Delight Sneak Peak…thanks GFK! Click Here

Check out Cecile Raubenheimer’s post on overcoming a long flight! There are some great tips that will get you day dreaming about your next transatlantic or pacific crossing…My only critique with Cecile is that she doesn’t post enough. ♥ Can’t blame her though, she’s off jet setting, sampling cocktails in Turkey and writing up the best pools in the Bahamas…who has the time to feed our daily need for living vicariously! 😉

Cecile, our favorite jet setter!

Cecile, our favorite jet setter!

And lastly, glide on over to Mrs. Lilien’s den of fabulousness here. She’s posted the perfect Friday, ‘Make a Mix Magarita’ that should instantly transport you to 5pm somewhere, at least for the moment. Sigh, heaven! Can’t get enough, her Pinterest pages are gorgeously decadent too. Enjoy!

Friday Margarita Mrs. Lilien? Why yes, don't mind if we do!

Friday Margarita Mrs. Lilien? Why yes, don’t mind if we do!

Have a fantastic weekend. May the minutes tick swiftly towards quitting time so you can soak up all of the weekend goodness! xoxo