Airport Adventures!

by Kir

Written Thursday night…I’m sitting in the call lot of San Diego Airport waiting for my Mom’s flight to land. Watching the planes take off is a daydreamer’s paradise. A huge Virgin plane is cruising down the runway as I type this.  My brain just hopped onboard, ordered a dry martini and reclined my sumptuous first class seat as purple ambient lighting pulsed and the flight attendant ran through the details fabulous flight to London. Did I mention Richard Branson’s sitting next to me and that for the next several hours we’ll play cards and swap travel stories? As we part ways at baggage claim, I get his card and a confirmed, official invite to Necker the following month. What? Hmm? Oh yes, where was I?

Virgin First Class Bar, Mmmm

Virgin First Class Bar, (in a wig) Mmmm

Screen Shot 2013-05-04 at 5.23.45 PM

Richard, big lifestyle crush…this man knows how to live!!!

A little weekend lounging at Necker? Ok...

A little weekend lounging at Necker? Ok…

Pretty sure I’m not alone daydreaming at airports. I like to think that everyone is on their way to somewhere exotic – Buenos Aires, Barcelona, San Paolo, Hong Kong or to a hometown destination where someone loves them and is so excited to see them. Airports are gateways to adventure and to stepping outside of your everyday persona, routine and often too small circles of your typical 10-mile radius. When you travel, you broaden your perspective. You can’t help it. You’re exposed to a new city, new culture and new people.

Oh yes it is...

Oh yes it is…

We’re heading on weekend road trip to Baja soon, but it’s the first time I don’t have a trip booked and an airplane confirmation in my inbox. Sitting here watching the excitement, I think it’s time to change that…Um, Richard?