15 Excuses of Why I’ve Been a Writing Slacker

by Kir

Happy Tuesday! Yes, it’s me, and yes, I’ve been slacking in the writing department. I have some really great excuses and some pretty flimsy ones. The best excuse is that I’ve had 2 root canals within a week. They’re right next to each other too. And I have one more appt next week to get it all done (hopefully) for good. So that’s pretty legit. Unfairness aside (I floss and use my waterpik and Listerine at least 2x a day), I definitely put off having my old childhood fillings replaced. And because of that, I have only me to blame. Don’t put it off if you hear the same words from your dentist. A filling is expensive, but not nearly as pricey (both financially and emotionally) as a root canal!

My other big news is that I’m taking a big leap, quitting my current job and going to work for a fantastic new company! 2 companies as a matter of fact…Yippee!!! More on that later.

For now, here are excuses! I’ll be better now that I’ve got some new material to write about xoxo

Excuses, excuses

Excuses, excuses