A Sea of Opportunity

by Kir

Hello and happy Memorial Day weekend! It’s Friday, the forecast calls for sun and most peeps will be shutting it down for 3 days of R&R in a matter of hours. This is my first week with my new job and it’s been packed with fun, inspiration, organizing and adjustment. I think I’m going to love this chapter of the book very much! When you work from home there are distractions everywhere. But if you can get your routine down, there is nothing better. What’s amazing…about 6 months ago, I wrote down to the hour how I would create my perfect day and put it in my wallet so it would manifest. It started with a frothy coffee, cruised into checking email, included some sort of workout (usually at the beach) and so on. What’s amazing? I found it this morning and it’s pretty darn close. The work varies a bit, but really, no complaints here…Law of Attraction works my friends♥

Live How You Please!

Live How You Please!

How it works…write down what you want and how you want it. Then surrender it. Put it somewhere meaningful to you. I love my wallet so it made sense to put it there. Have a jewelry box? A special room you love? Tune in to your instincts and you’ll know the perfect spot.

My new company

Waking Up Beaming

Funny enough, I listed a post workout smoothie/juice. Two weeks ago, I joined the Beaming team. http://www.bebeaming.com. Beaming is a superfood vitality bar in Del Mar on Ville de la Valle. What does that mean you ask? It means the best, organic juices, salads and treats. It’s all organic and filled with the most amazing ingredients. You are going to love it!!! Stay tuned, no doubt, I’ll be talking about this a lot more…

Palm Tree Love

Palm Tree Love

Moving through my list, pre-work workout on the beach was a big goal for my new, daily schedule. Earlier this week, I found this cute little couple taking in the sunshine while I was out for a run.  Score!

Looking a little happier, a little less stressed...

Looking a little happier, perhaps a little less stressed…

All in all, a good first week from home. Working for Beaming is the beginning of a great adventure. My mind is buzzing with all of the ideas we need to land and the to do’s to be checked off. But it’ll happen in due time and there is plenty of goodness and gratitude each day with all of these tasks. And when I get a little tired, I will step into my sunny back yard, take a stretch and breathe in the sweet smell of jasmine in my “outdoor home office”.

Happy happy long weekend to you!!!