Going Through Phases…

by Kir

It’s Sunday night and I was perusing some books deciding what to dive into next and feeling nostalgic for my literature classes in college. I read everything I could get my hands on when I wasn’t out gaining life experience. (which was pretty much nightly) One of my favorite professors said it best, “everyone should have a Hunter S. Thompson phase (modern lit of course). It didn’t hurt that he was a literature teacher by day and a search and rescue fireman on the weekends – only in Colorado.

Pretty much sums up college

Pretty much sums up college – fun and free!

This weekend, the sun didn’t quite make it out. Actually, the perfect weather for a morning run and then lots of puttering and projects around the house with M. We had fun. We were mellow. We shopped for the week, treated ourselves to a Sunday afternoon VG donut, followed by an afternoon quasi-siesta of reading, New Year’s trip planning and bbq pizza making. Pretty darn fantastic. And bonus, Pride & Prejudice was on in the background. Another literary favorite…

Good Old Fashion Darcy Love...

Good Old Fashion Darcy Love…

As M and I got work done, did our running/cycling thing, went in search of a cutting board at Home Goods, I felt really, really lucky. To be constantly amused and kept in good company with your person is a precious gift. And it hit me watching my guy make me a bbq pizza wearing Christmas oven mits and rushing back and forth to make sure he timed everything perfectly. I came across this quote by Joanne Woodward (married to Paul Newman for 50 years) and it is pretty perfect.

Lucky Me

Lucky Me

While yes, in my eyes, M is pretty dang handsome and I may or may not have blushed the second time I saw him (not the first, but that’s a story for a different day)…it’s how much he makes me laugh that gets me every time. And it makes me say to those out looking for their person…hold out for the humor because laughing your way through life makes the hard stuff so much better.

And speaking of laughter, my SUP yoga class was an absolute blast. I almost fell in, didn’t care and felt like I was a kid on the playground. It was so beautiful, peaceful and fun! You have to check your expectations because there is no way you can know what to expect. Your entire body is alive and activated to stay on the board – talk about presence. And then before you know it, things click and you’re feeling pretty at ease with the board.

Screen Shot 2013-06-01 at 6.12.11 PM

Thanks to my photog/instructor who caught the one second my foot left the board!

Screen Shot 2013-06-01 at 6.12.48 PM

This was so much fun!!!

So I’m not sure what you did for your weekend, but I hope you’re relaxing into your Sunday evening like I am. Post pizza coma, blissfully stretched out on the couch. Let’s set an intention for a fun, productive, fulfilling, relaxing week enjoying each moment to the last drop. Mwah!!!♥