Celebrating the Solstice

by Kir

Summer solstice is one of my favorite days of the year! It is the day when the Earth is closest to the sun. This year there is also the “super moon” on June 22 (that’s today) so make sure to head outside tonight to see the biggest brightest moon of the year.

I started my day yesterday early w/a SUP yoga class with Marci and Sara from Floating Yogis. The sun came out and the lagoon was so calm. It was magic. The fish were jumping out of the water, birds flying overhead and water gently lapping against the board. I’m loving SUP Yoga b/c your focus on everything is so heightened. You work on balance, staying on the board and you’re surrounded by nature doing its thing. Seriously, the best sivasana ever. Nowhere to go and you feel in very in tune. I HIGHLY recommend it.

Floating Yogis will send you your glory shot!

Floating Yogis will send you your glory shot – yep, that’s me!

After this incredible reset, I went on with my day and dug into work. The work day wrapped up with a Summer Solstice event at Bloom. Pretty much what I would have sought out to do outside of work so I kind of lucked out here. They had a beautiful, intimate gathering in their backyard. We set intentions, wrote down our deepest dreams on seed paper, planted them in the garden and burned away things we didn’t want in our lives anymore. The event wrapped with a guided meditation and a nod to the solstice. All very pagan. And right up my alley…pretty darn wonderful!

Summer Solstice w/Beaming at Bloom

Summer Solstice w/Beaming at Bloom

Since it’s the longest day of the year, I got a lot of stuff crammed in. Left Bloom, went home for a quick freshen up and then off to dinner with M and friends. We sat on a patio, drank ice cold beer in frosty mugs and stuffed our faces with pizza. My little niece crashed the party and pretty much refused to sit still for any pictures, hence the blur. Little stinker.

Me & Morgs

Me & Morgs – little stinker who won’t sit still!

It was so simple, so fun and such a quality day. I have been working on this idea of quality in everything I do. What is feeding my soul? What is quality in my life? Am I taking the time to look around and soak in what’s good in my life? And all of the stuff I know and had gotten away from in the last few years of “busyness” is coming back to me in lovely, gentle waves. Even this past week has sparked recognition for me. What am I letting in that simply isn’t feeding my soul? Things that may seem silly like taking a break from Facebook have freed me up from noise and distraction. I have checked my messages on FB, but that’s about it. This is freeing me up for more of this…

Summer Solstice Sunset

Summer Solstice Sunset – no filter

And I know what works for me: Go for beach walks no matter what the weather. Do yoga. Call my family. Spend time with my nieces. Snuggle with M. And I set my intentions in the morning to do my best each day and know that’s what I can do. I can steer away from drama and head toward peaceful in my personal life. And I can plan less so I don’t feel over-committed and stressed. It’s not like every day is a home run, but creating the habits and devoting time to things I know work for me gives me the 80/20 at the very least.

Happy Longest Day of the Year!

Happy Longest Day of the Year!

So enjoy your weekend! Go stand outside and breathe in the summer air and check out the Super Moon tonight. xoxo.