Toes Tell A Story…

by Kir

Toes tell a story…otherwise known as guess what I did this weekend by checking out these random pictures of my toes in various places…

Screen Shot 2013-07-22 at 5.15.48 PM

Beachy toes are happy toes. I cannot stress this enough!

M isn’t a big picture taker so I learned early on if I want the moment captured, it’s usually on me to capture it. This explains why my phone is filled with gorgeous beach views, pics of M looking handsome (or annoyed) and lots and lots and lots of shots of my toes in various shades of polish!

Morning coffee plus the final days of the Tour

Morning coffee plus the final days of the Tour

I’ve come to love these pics because they are fun little queues that remind me what I was doing on a given day. I pick up on things that others don’t in these shots. For instance, this is my FAVORITE coffee mug and there’s M in his normal morning spot where we wake up, have our yummy coffee and start the day off together on the weekend. I love that.

And I repeat,

And I repeat, beachy toes are happy toes.

Something else I discovered as I’m reviewed the feet selflies? I wear these cut-offs a lot. They are the real deal, homemade kind. You know the ones that were mediocre as jeans, but became the super star of your summer wardrobe once the scissors came out and they were washed and dryed to frayed perfection? Yeah, those. I must confess, I live in these and really do wear them almost daily. (Note both pictures above and the one below)

Backyard bliss

Backyard bliss

My Dad was in town this weekend. His favorite thing to do after a busy work week w/travel is to hang out on our backyard couch and read. Fine by us. Just add a Hinano, some John Le Carre, pipe the music through the speakers and, voila, it’s a party – albeit, a mellow one.

Happy Feet - proud Sanuk product testing!!!

Happy Feet – proud Sanuk product testing!!!

For a brief 35-40 minutes the sun came out in the backyard! And to prove it, this picture came into being. Plus I was trying to illustrate to a girlfriend how happy I was about my new Sanuk flip flops by texting her this photo.

Backing up a bit, my friend, Trish, is ridiculously talented and may have one of the coolest jobs out there. (Global Product Director for Sanuk – are you kidding?) She entrusted me with the incredibly important job of product testing some new Sanuk‘s for the weekend. It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it…Verdict? They have gorgeous green straps, fit my size 8 feet perfectly and were so. dang. comfy. Odds are I may be pairing them with my trusty cut-offs a lot. And yes, cut-offs are featured, just off screen.

Boots for VGs!

Boots for VGs!

No, I normally don’t photograph my feet at VGs on a Saturday night. But we were in line, carefully selecting donut choices and my friend asked if I went with the boot or wedge option for my Saturday night sushi date. Rather than text out the details, I snapped a shot and there you have it, the “behind the scenes” backstory. Bored yet? Okay, sorry, I’ll wrap this up!

As the weekend wound down...sunset at the reef

As the weekend wound down…sunset at the reef in the party pants

Sunday late afternoon, I dropped my Dad at the airport with big hugs and excited planning for Christmas. I then made the (normally 25 minute) trek North from the airport back home in a whopping 55 minutes of “race back to LA” traffic. Ugh. I called M on the way and told him to get his board ready so we could high tail it to the reef to enjoy the final hour of Sunday daylight. I threw on my favorite Billabong party pants, grabbed my book and a blanket and we were off. Sunday nights at the beach are magic. People head home to do their thing and you get the water and the beach pretty much to yourself. M went for a surf and I watched the sky turn pink and melted into the sand. It was a pretty cloudy sunset, but seriously no complaints here.

So there you have it! My weekend in pictures as told by my toes. Here’s one last parting shot from a while back. This was a happy lunch hour in May. If it’s sunny, this shot will be recreated at some point this week. Hope your Monday was nothing short of amazing!!! xxoo

Lunch break overlooking the sea. Need to recreate this again soon!

Lunch break overlooking the sea. Need to recreate this again soon!