Turning Off the Phone…A little experiment

by Kir

In an effort to be fully present this weekend, I tried a little something.

My Mission…

  • Keep the iPhone put away for the entire day on Saturday and Sunday
  • Buy an alarm clock. No good comes from having said iPhone in the bedroom (last thing you see at night, first thing in the am – oh no no no)
  • Bring phone along, but put away. Use only for emergencies – like getting lost in my new hood
  • Resist the temptation to take pictures of everything and simply take it all in w/my eyes…it can be done
  • Practice being truly present in each moment and enjoying the company I’m with

My Experience…

  • Alarm clock purchased. Should have done this months ago
  • iPhone now charging in kitchen
  • Eye contact, whoa…
  • A walk through Little Italy and it’s amazing how much I took in
  • Observed four different selfies in action at the bar. No judgment, but people look pretty silly trying to snap their perfect shots
  • Went out on a friend’s boat on Sunday. So beautiful
  • Not going to lie. Many moments when I wanted to snap shots of my toes on the boat, a group shot of us, the sun on the water, etc
  • Instead, I soaked in the scenery and stayed present. It was worth it

Moving Forward…

  • I had a great weekend and took in a lot – sea lions lounging on buoys, the Coronado bridge being painted, the color wake turns off the back of a boat, the fact that people at The Waterfront in Little Italy drink shots at noon w/their burgers (way out of our league), met an old friend and spent time catching up instead of snapping shots of us all
  • Can’t promise I won’t ever take another selfie, but I may think twice before whipping out the phone
  • Takeaway: Do I love not using my phone as my alarm clock? A resounding yes!
  • Takeaway: photos are a great way to mark memories, but within reason
  • Takeaway: I am so much more relaxed. It’s kind of crazy how manic I can get when constantly multi-tasking w/the phone ♥
The Waterfront…shots at noon anyone? (credit: SD Reader)

The Waterfront…shots at noon anyone? (pic cred: SD Reader)

Genius…Decree from M...no more phone in bedroom

Genius. Decree from M…no more phone in bedroom (source)

Coronado bridge is getting painted!

Coronado bridge is getting painted! (source)

Note: all photos are from other sources. I took no pics this weekend. Mission Accomplished. 🙂