No Purchase Necessary

by Kir

This Black Friday I’m full. No need to purchase a thing. The memory of two weeks of garage sales is still fairly fresh in my mind.

Yes, I could stock up on deals. And yes, 50% off Mikoh bikinis and 40% off boots at is awfully tempting. But it’ll all be there next week if I really need something.

Instead, I’m focusing on staying healthy both mentally and physically. Nothing looks better on, than glowing skin and a fit bod. Throw in a face free of worry and that’s better than anything I can purchase.

In summary, I’m staying in and powering down The laptop. I’m so grateful for what I have already…family, friends, a beautiful life in a beautiful place.

Side note: I’m up to 40 seconds on my plank for anyone counting! Helpful after the gruyere potatoes I had cold for lunch!đź’—

Grateful for below: beautiful day on a boat, mi familia, that guy…