The Country Mouse and the City Mouse

by Kir

When I was little I loved a book called The Country Mouse and the City Mouse. To summarize, the city mouse goes to live in the country for a bit and his country cousin gives urban living a try. The book is about their relative adventures living outside the comfort zone. It’s cute and pretty dang accurate. A fun tale if you have 10 minutes to spare.

Country Mouse, City Mouse

No question, I am the country (or beach) mouse in this scenario. I realize San Diego isn’t a sprawling metropolis, but it’s still urban and we are in a high-rise building on the 11th floor. After a quick “mountain mouse” visit to my parents’ house for a lovely Thanksgiving, I woke up this morning in our city condo craving some sand between my toes.

M was at the Chargers game (yea, I know Chargers wah-wah) so I took a solo mission up north to Cardiff. There is no doubt about it, I miss my hood. All of those sayings about “really being a mermaid” and “my heart and soul belong with the sea” may be a tad cheesy, but my inner Roxy girl relates. I picked up sushi from Seaside Market, grabbed my Kindle and had a couple of solo hours reading happily on the beach. Noted, it’s winter and I was in a flannel and jeans, but the sun still felt goooooood.

Screen Shot 2013-12-01 at 5.45.01 PM

Cardiff at its finest…low tide, beach toes

Screen Shot 2013-12-01 at 5.45.11 PM

Never gets old

Side bonus…my friend, Kerri, was game for an impromptu beer at Bestawan. My kind of Sunday. A little chat, a little people watching and a frosty glass of Stella rounded out a pretty lovely afternoon. As we wrapped up, we were lucky enough to catch this beauty of a sunset complete w/palms standing at attention. Not bad for Dec 1.

View from Besta

View from Besta

As I transitioned back to city mouse mode, I opened my balcony door and saw the last bits of pink out over Petco Park. Lesson for the day…city mouse living has its perks too.

Sunset at Petco Park

Sunset at Petco Park

In summary, beauty is where you find it. And stepping outside what is comfortable and familiar even if only for a short time is almost always a good idea. Have a beautiful Sunday! (As for the Chargers, there’s always next year)♥