A Little Motivation

by Kir

Transitioning from beach running to a treadmill is not easy. Throw in a nasty cough and I can count the number of runs I’ve completed on my thumb. Yep, made you think – it’s a lonely, lowly number. Alas, I am out of excuses. My cold is finally subsiding, our condo gym is literally an elevator ride away (and it’s empty and awesome) and I have one more incentive.

I came home with a new pair of run tights. And not just any run tights. The lululemon Speed Tights. They were gifted to me by my beautiful friend, Monika. For those of you unaware, the Speed tight was originally launched a few years back. (I’m thinking 4 yrs, but don’t quote me) I was working for lululemon at the time and they were a bit of a sleeper seller. I grabbed a pair  and then quickly went back for seconds! (oh the good old days of employee discounts) Why are they so awesome??? Because the weight is literally perfect and the length is down to your ankles. In addition, the waist is a bit higher – and I like this when I’m out running in the winter. It covers up the kidneys and you never worry about the waistband moving around (or mean ole muffin top). I have run four half marathons in my one trusty pair. I finally had to retire them and there may (or may not) have been words of thanks and a misty tear shed. No judging. So my new pair (w/2 new pockets) came in the knick of time.

Speed Tight. Best Ever!!!!

Speed Tight. Best Ever!!!!

Now there is nothing left to do but put on my tights, lace up my shoes, queue up the iPod and hit the gym. It’s dark at 5pm these days so outdoor running is only for the weekends. But I can test out my new tights at the gym anyway. Thank you, thank you product development team at lululemon for bringing back a favorite!

Anyone turning away in disgust at this frivolous post? If so, ask yourself…what gets you off the couch when you’re in an exercise rut? We all have something that motivates us – a post-exercise beer, an upcoming vacation, the relief of guilt. For me, today, it was the pants. I admit it. I also have a Pinterest Board called In Case I Want to Slack that comes in pretty handy.  I post pictures like this:

Motivation? Yep, that'll do it

Motivation? Yep, that’ll do it

I’m pretty selective on some of these shots. I’ll look at them from time to time when I’m feeling sluggish. Point being, motivation changes from day to day. Sometimes it’s a pretty picture. Sometimes I get excited because we booked a vacation and I realize I have 4 weeks to be at my bikini best. Other times it’s because I remember how great it feels to be in a good workout habit. That last one is the single best motivator. And it takes one little workout success to flip that switch back on. So if it’s the tights (especially when they’re a gift), why not. Thanks Mon!

Plank Challenge: 60 seconds. Coughed today and it hurt a little….working?