Glass Half Full

by Kir

My nickname from a lot of friends is ‘sunshine’ (hence the blog name). Overall, I would agree I have a sunny disposition and am a pretty happy person. But I’m definitely lumped in with the group of folks who have a tendency to brace ourselves for the worst case scenario and worry more than is necessary. How do you know if you’re one of us? Think about the number of times have you hoped for the best, but prepared for the worst. If it’s more than twice a week, welcome to the club my friend!

As I mentioned in my last post, I tend to spend the last week of the year taking a mental inventory of what I’m leaving behind in 2013 and what I’m taking with me to 2014. (or at least going to attempt to leave behind) This year I’m going big!


  • Worry and guilt. They go hand and hand and are equally useless emotions. I’m bored with you both. See you later
  • Complaining. It’s my chocolate – overall, a bad habit that only gets worse and multiplies if I indulge in it
  • Commiseration. The kissing cousin to complaining. Sorry no more of this negativity in 2014 my friends
  • Criticism. This world is hard enough. I’ll genuinely attempt to curtail my critical mind
  • Self doubt. In the words of Stuart Smalley, I’m good enough, I’m smart enough…and that’s going to have to be enough
  • Credit card purchases. I have an aggressive plan for you, Visa. Look out!


  • Gratitude. Action: each week I’m writing down 5 things I’m grateful for in the following categories:  love, work, personal
  • Writing. Action: write a blog post or article every week no matter what
  • Drawing. Action: bought a sketchpad and sharpened the charcoal pencils
  • Mind/Body Balance. Action: yoga 2x a week (groupon purchased), run 3x a week, meditation 1x a week (at least)
  • Greens glorious greens. Action: 4 cleanses a year. Daily organic, green intake
  • Proactive problem solving. Action: instead of the C’s listed above, I’ll take proactive action to change what’s not working
  • Self reliance. I’m not waiting for anyone else to make me happy or to make something work. I’m going to use every law of attraction method I’ve learned (including the occasional therapy session) to activate what I want
Love it. No excuses!

Love it. No excuses!

Lofty goals and dreams here we come. And no more cynicism about goal setting. If you don’t throw your hat in the ring and try, how will you ever succeed at anything? So I’m going all in. And it’s in writing and out into the universe to keep myself accountable. By all means call me out if you see me slacking.♥

Good luck to be our best selves and have fun in 2014!!!

Good luck to us all and may we be our best selves and have fun in 2014!!!