Urban Date Night

by Kir

Let’s set the scene…Little Italy on a foggy, Saturday night.

The destination…Queenstown Public House.


Queenstown Public House…how gorgeous is this place?

The players…M & K


M & K date night

The gist…my friend’s been raving about Queenstown Public House for months now. We’d been talking about going forever, but finally got motivated to hop on the trolley to take the ride over to Little Italy to see what it was all about.

First thing first, the place is gorgeous! Every little design detail was beautifully thought out and creatively executed. And I guess they’re still not done. (rumor is there is a back patio coming soon). We had a cozy little corner spot complete w/a window view out to the front patio and blankets in case we got cold.


Ceiling art – astroturf ceiling w/little lambs. Obviously…


Makes you want to drink more water…and um, yes, wine too

Screen Shot 2014-01-12 at 7.50.41 AM

The bar. So cool. Note: my photos were dark and packed w/people! Source

We came hungry and decided to try a little of everything. Appetizer – Triple (calamari, asparagus & zucchini) oh my. Greens – Heirloom (greens, balsamic, tomatoes, burrata) they had me at burrata. House Specialty – Grilled Wild Salmon (w/seasonal veggies and quinoa risotto) clean, perfectly cooked goodness. M got the rack of lamb – mine was great, his was even better, wow. Guilty Pleasures – E-legal (a cookie baked in a iron skillet, served piping hot with vanilla ice cream) suddenly we were hungry again.

Normally, I’m not one to take pictures of my food, but here I had to make an exception. So bare with me.

Calamari, we dusted the veggies already!

Calamari, we dusted the veggies already!

Coho salmon, gone in about 3 minutes

Coho salmon, gone in about 3 minutes

Looks like eggs, but oh it's not. We're making this!!!

Looks like eggs, but oh it’s not. We’re totally making this!!!

We said we were full. I guess we made an exception

We said we were full. I guess we made an exception. Dusted it.

You’ll notice there’s no picture of the Burrata salad or M’s rack of lamb. I must confess we ate them so fast we forgot to get the shots. Definitely the favorites of the evening. Our waiters were awesome. We had two guys enthusiastically making recommendations. It’s fun to eat at a place with staff who clearly loves their food.

The girl at the table next to us got the chicken pot pie. It looked insane. We’re going back for that. For all the food we ordered, it is not expensive. The portions are perfect so you can try a few things and share. Unless you’re M, who decided he was going to keep the lamb to himself. Typical guy. We left happy and full. Then strolled out and took a walk through town to digest a bit.

Strolling through Little Italy

Strolling through Little Italy

Even though we are both really missing the beach, fun little excursions like this make us both appreciate our few months living in the city. There is so much variety and so many places to taste and try. Now it’s off to run through the Embarcadero to work off our decadent dinner. Thanks again Queenstown Public House. We’ll be back for brunch!♥

Ps, I posted this earlier and, upon reflection, must confess, that M shared a few bites of his lamb and was not stingy 😉