Handing Over The Keys

by Kir

I had a really cool, really timely phone call this morning. Most likely, I’ll be writing more about it at the end of the week. But sometimes even an intention, however brief, can somethings energetically. Just like that.

It is a gorgeous Santa Ana, high 70s day at my house. Sorry, rest of the nation, I feel a little selfish getting all of this good weather. But before you get too annoyed, we really need rain. The upside, I’m in a sundress and in a happy, light mood.

Now on to the phone call. While having date night on Saturday w/M I missed an evening of intention setting with a powerful, successful group of women. I was so inspired by the stories coming from that night that I decided to call the facilitator right away and book an appointment. From the minute we connected, I felt lighter. Like I made a really important step in the right energetic direction.

During our brief call, I had an aha moment, that I’ve been working way too hard trying to muscle through to manifest my goals. The practical, project management side of my brain has been arm wrestling my artistic, intuitive side pretty much into submission. It’s been a bit of a back and forth struggle to say the least. And today, poof, I felt the project manager go, “aaaah, I see. I have been a bit over-bearing haven’t I? Okay, I’ll take a breather. Go do your thing. I’ll be here to help you make a list once you’ve been properly inspired”.

So I put on a girly sundress, adorned myself with my favorite jewelry, put on extra lipgloss and whipped out my goddess cards for a little reading. (sorry boys, but it works for me) And, shocking, my cards were perfect. And just what I needed.


Cordelia said ‘go outside’. So there you go…

So you never know. If you can take your breather, step out into the sun, have a 5 minute meditation, eat a yummy treat, whatever works for you to bring a few moments of delight can manifest into a spark that ignites long-term change. We may slip backwards or feel stuck where we are, but these little intentions pay off. So off to enjoy my day with my intuition on full alert. Hope you enjoy yours too. Plenty of time to be practical later.♥