Venus Goes Direct And Other Musings…

by Kir

Warning…this one’s a bit of a rambler.

Last night there was a new moon in Aquarius. I guess it was a super moon too. What does this mean exactly? I’m not completely sure, but Mystic Mamma gives a pretty thorough overview here. It looks like things could start getting fun. Which is great because if you’re like me, January was a lot of work. Good, satisfying work, but after all that foundation building, a little lightness and detachment would be quite refreshing….

Queue up the cute puppy photo

Queue up the cute puppy photo for relaxation

Venus is going direct today (finances and beauty – hooray). Here’s how that played out…

The good freaking fantastic stuff: some refinancing I was working on came through. Today. Yippee Skippee. This was HUGE. I mean game changing, take charge, gold star, check off a major resolution huge. Phew, happy, happy, happy.

Everybody Now!

Everybody  Dance Now!

The “wish I would have known” stuff:  Bang trims should be done with Venus direct. Not on impulse last Wednesday (retrograde) while my usual hairdresser was having knee surgery.

Impromptu bang trim - give it a week

Impromptu trim – If I push them down, maybe they’ll be longer…

Serves me right Garidy!!! (Insert visual of 2nd grade class picture w/uber short bangs here – you know what I’m talking about. In a week it’ll be fine. But right now, I’m a touch euro!

Chinese Medicine Meridian Clock – pretty cool

Something else I learned this week. My friend, Tawnee read my post from Monday about my recent sleep troubles and suggested I Google the Chinese Medicine Meridian Clock. I found a great blog post that explains it here.  In summary, you look at the clock above and find the time you’re waking up. Take note of the name that sits directly beneath it. For example, if you’re waking between 1am and 3am then you would look at the information about the Liver meridian. For me, I was sitting between lungs and liver. Pretty interesting because I’ve been doing a lot more yoga (breath) and reducing my alcohol intake while upping greens targeted at detoxing (liver). Add my cashew/banana combo and I seriously have slept better this week than I have in I can’t remember how long!

This girl…Goldfish Kiss at it again. So cute. Loved this 🙂

Seriously couldn't have said it better myself

Seriously couldn’t have said it better myself

What else? We watched Rush last night. This guy may be one of the better looking human beings I’ve come across in a while. I mean, wow. Hot damn. Quite handsome. And if you Google him, he seems very sweet and lovey to his wife in all of the premier pics. So extra kudos. Oh, and yes, the movie was really, really good. Incredible acting. Great story. Well done Ron Howard.

I mean, just, wow. Quite a handsome fella...

I mean, just, wow. Quite a handsome fella…

And if you aren’t up to your eyeballs in astrology, it is now the year of the wood horse! For me, a tiger, this is excellent news. Hopefully this will mean some good stuff for us all. So I’ll leave you with that for the weekend. Have a happy happy Friday. ♥