Do What You Love…Part 1

by Kir

Anyone who’s read my blog knows that being happy and doing what you love is a recurring theme ’round here. Basically, if you can, do what you love. As often as you can. It’s so simple, but not always easy. With bills to pay, responsibilities to honor, obligations to live up to, things can get in the way of us pursuing our dreams. But if we can find a way to really hone in on the things we love to do, maybe just maybe, we can make a living doing it too. Why not? I’m lucky to be surrounded by people that inspire me daily that it’s possible to do what you love if you work hard, take some risks and stay focused on your ultimate end game.

One of the blessings of being on this planet for a bit (ahem) is the acquisition of my bag of skills, tricks and accomplishments. My friend, Shannon, and I were chatting yesterday and she referred to it as my Mary Poppins carpet bag. Remember this?

Bag of tricks

Mary Poppin’s endless bag of tricks…I know you have one too!

We all have our bag. (not to be confused with baggage – that’s for a different post) It’s amazing the random stuff that gets stashed in there over the years.  I have things from being a Journalism major in college, skills from various jobs and relationships. It all counts and I never know when something is going to come in handy. Some things may languish in the magic bag for a while, but they’re there for us to pull out to use, put away and grab again later on an as needed basis. The more we acquire, the more we can do in life. Then it becomes the question of…there are a lot of things we can do, but what is it we really enjoy doing?

What do you want to do on your road?

What do you want to do on your road?

What lights us up? How do we make our vision real? For me, it’s about shaping words (through writing and editing) and executing a vision of health and vitality, especially in women. Honing in on that even more…it would be in the form of writing/editing copy that inspires women and creating/executing photo shoots. Even more specific you ask? Getting the image of the healthy, vibrant woman out into the world. She comes in all shapes and sizes and has a multitude of talents and interests. So many women are so hard on themselves. What a gift to be able to show them how wonderful, special and talented they are.

I figured I needed to start with myself and create something I could call my own where I could use my voice and my vision. It’s always easier to promote others, but it’s important to identify what our strengths and joys are and get them out into the world. In other words, to put my money where my mouth is. With the help of some incredible friends, was born and went live in November. Thank you James and Kristin and my tribe of wonderful supporters!!! Funny enough, it took me until the end of January to muster up the courage to tell anyone outside of a teeny tiny circle of folks about it. Actually, it may have even been February. Yikes.

Whoa, it's real and it's live...

Whoa, it’s real and it’s live…

Want a good writing exercise? Try writing your Bio!!!

Want a good writing exercise? Try writing your Bio!!!

If you want a good writing exercise, try writing your own Bio. Man oh man, I don’t know if there is anything harder. Trying to articulate why you’re great and why someone should listen to and/or hire you without sounding like a complete narcissist is tricky business. But if you can do that, seriously, you can do anything 🙂

I have no idea where will end up or how it will morph. Will it always be a fun, little side business to supplement income? Maybe. Will it evolve into a “collective” of other people’s ideas, products and works that are inspiring? Quite possibly. Will it always strive to promote healthy, happy, wonderful work? Yes, absolutely without a single doubt.

So keep an eye on it. Just like I launched my first little “baby”, Sunshine Kir, I had no idea what I was doing or what I would write about. I just knew I needed to write. This website is now in the same boat. It’s live and, at this point, a bit out of my hands. So we’ll see what way the wind blows…Thanks, as always, for reading, supporting and allowing me the space to put thoughts out into the world – sometimes clunky, sometimes eloquent. Here’s to imperfect perfection. xo♥