Winding Down the Urban…

by Kir

Our time as city folk is drawing to a close. Opening day for the Padres is at the end of March. That is the equivalent of the winds changing for Mary Poppins so M and I need to get ready for the migration back to the beach. We got our temporary spot secured in Cardiff – Hooray! And it’ll be two short weeks till go time…But with such a short time left, I’m nostalgic about our amazing time here.

"Winds in the east, mist coming in. / Like somethin' is brewin' about to begin. / Can't put me finger on what lies in store, / But I fear what's to happen all happened before…"

“Winds in the east, mist coming in. / Like somethin’ is brewin’ about to begin. / Can’t put me finger on what lies in store, / But I fear what’s to happen all happened before…”

San Diego has bubbles. When we live in North County, we don’t venture much further than Solana Beach to the south or Leucadia to the north. You sort of stay put. Downtown wasn’t much different. We roamed our east village hood because it was fun and had what we needed. We did two, count them, two trips to Little Italy via trolley and two nights out in the Gaslamp. I had grander plans of Bankers Hill and Normal Heights, but it hasn’t happened…yet. Amazingly enough, haven’t run in Balboa Park, hit the Little Italy Farmer’s Market or been into the new library yet. Where does the time go?

Here are some of my favorite things about living in the East Village – some I figured, some were a pleasant surprise. Note, I couldn’t figure out how to continue numbering after a photo so you’ll see Part I & Part II for no reason other than I’m technically challenged in WordPress:

Part I

  1. Diversity – all ages, shapes, sizes and ethnicities. So very refreshing.
  2. Urban peeps are friendly. Everyone talks to everyone. In our building elevator, in line at the bagel place, at yoga. No one cares how old you are, what you’re wearing or if you’re cool or not. You sit down at the bar, the person to your right says hi, or at the very least, makes eye contact and smiles (the exception: pedi cab guys by the Midway- won’t miss you at all)
  3. In 2 blocks or less, we could walk to 10 different restaurants – this is both a blessing and a curse
  4. Our balcony. Hands down one of the best things about our urban living. I’m going to miss the city lights, the Coronado bridge and my daily peek into what was going on in Petco Park. Coffee in the morning w/legs up on the railing. A beer & my laptop at sunset w/legs up on the railing…

My little writing spot w/a view as I type this tonight…gonna miss it! #nofilteripromise

When the lights go down in the city...

When the lights go down in the city…

Part II

  1. The convention center stairs. Only fun when you’re done, but phew, what a killer leg workout
  2. Anne at Basic Pizza. Arguably the best waitress ever. Pizza & salad will also be missed, but she made us feel so welcome every time
  3. Lolitas Mexican literally in our building. (notice the food theme)
  4. Hale Holistic. I’ll be driving down at least once a month to visit (then hitting up Basic). Loved the space, the teachers, the students.
  5. Running along the embarcadero. The exception – the stretch at Seaport Village on the weekend when you didn’t get motivated early enough to be out the door by 9am. If you’ve ever run that stretch, you know what I’m talking about
  6. Fun date nights and quality weekend time w/M

And the surprise of the century…

7. East Village Grocery Outlet – alas, me in my coastal snobbery almost missed this wonderful gem of a store. I believe my initial statement to M way back in November was, “Oh hell no, don’t even think about it”. I was a fool. If you’re in the hood, go. You never know what you’re going to get, but it’s almost always better than you think. Organic options? Yes. Incredible cheese selection? Randomly, yes. Bargain prices, most definitely. Just check the expiration dates and it’s all good. Don’t believe me? Check out the Yelp reviews.

Don't be scared…this place is awesome!

Don’t be scared…this place is awesome!

Part One, #4 was a close second, but overall, Part Two #6 was my favorite aspect of living downtown. Getting people to come visit us wasn’t easy. And we didn’t take it personally. Believe me, if we didn’t venture more than 10 blocks, we certainly couldn’t blame anyone for not making the field trip down.  We may as well have been in Tijuana. The upside was that M & I spent a ton of fun, quality time together. We walked the city and ate out at lots of different places (clearly as 4 of the 10 posts mention bars/restaurants). He ran for miles and I hopped on my beach cruiser and sherpa’d the long runs. We biked to Point Loma, had Mai Tais at Roy’s to watch the sunset (just cause), gaped at the huge yachts near the convention center, played tourist in Coronado and shopped at the East Village Grocery Outlet. It has been an incredible staycation adventure and I’m so very grateful for the fun experience.

Beach cruiser/Long Run - 19 miles of exploration

Beach cruiser/Long Run – 19 miles of exploration

With a mere two weeks to go, I still have a laundry list of things to check off before our time is done. Goal #1 is to walk over to Tijuana for the day to do a little exploring. Library & farmer’s market also on deck. Last call North County people…it’s now or never to come visit!!! Let’s see how many of these little beauties I can check off before I’m officially a “visitor” again. ♥