Birthday Manifesto 2014

by Kir

Last year for my birthday I jotted down notes to myself on how I wanted my year to play out. There were certain things I wanted to cultivate and other things I wanted to leave behind. Fear and worry were big on the list of the buh-byes. I’m not saying I’ve conquered these things, but I have brought awareness around them. Maybe I recognize a scary emotion when it’s coming on or am able to let it go sooner instead of spiraling too far down the rabbit hole. I went back and re-read my manifesto a lot throughout the year and it was a great reminder of what I was looking to do, be, feel, etc. If you’ve never written one, I highly recommend it.

Today I had the luxury of going out for a Friday lunch with my lovely friend, Miriam. We were gabbing away and she made me think of my manifesto list. Inspired, I came home and jotted down some notes for 2014. Whenever I do these kinds of things, I try not to edit write away. Rather, I type the list out then go back when I’m finished to see what came up. Then I’ll tweak here and there to swap the order a bit. That way it’s a mixture of light and deep. Sometimes there’s dark too. But my Mom reads this blog and probably gets nervous so I try to tailor it a bit – I promise I’m okay Mom 😉

So anyway, here is my list for 2014. It came to me quickly this year. Literally, it took longer to pick my font than to write it out. Hopefully that means I’m feeling pretty in tune with what I need this year. Or at least, at this moment.


Here’s the manifesto from 2013. I’m hanging on to this one too. There are still so many good reminders on this one. I was only half kidding about picking out my font. Last year’s font is very “flowy” and feminine. This year I was drawn to something a bit more straight forward. It’s pretty, but it’s clean and direct. Which is a bit of the mode I’m in right now. Very interesting.

Thank you Miriam for our perfect lunch at this perfect time peppered with the perfect conversation which inspired this post. Have a wonderful weekend ♥