Back to Cardiff + a Little Discipline

by Kir

Hello Cardiff, my lovely soul home. How I’ve missed your beach, fresh air, Seaside market, Bestawan, VGs and your nasty hills to run up and down. That’s right, take your pick, Birmingham, Chesterfield and the countless beach stairs, they were ready and waiting for me this morning. I had to put the music on extra loud and even duplicate a few songs to muster the discipline to make it through. But when you’re done, huffing and puffing, quads and hamstrings firing, there’s no better feeling. Here’s my playlist in case you’re interested.

Nothing like a new playlist for motivation...

Nothing like a new playlist for motivation…

When I first moved to Cardiff almost 7 years ago, I never in my wildest imagination would’ve thought that I would be running her hills some day. I practiced yoga and was a beach walker through and through. Why anyone would ever want to do something silly like hill running was beyond me. But the more I spent time with the people of north county and their crazy triathlon ways, the more intrigued I became. I am, by no means, hard core. Never have been, probably never will be. But I’m a firm believer in a body in motion stays in motion.

I’m not naturally driven and wired to spring out of bed at 5am feeling the need to get all my pent up energy out on an early morning run. My natural clock starts to chime around 6:45am. Left to my natural devices, I would happily get out of bed around 7am, grab a steaming cup of coffee and settle into the couch for email at 7:15am.

Love this!!!

Love this!!!

But with the OC marathon, coming up, I have done very little running, I’m out of excuses and it’s time to get cracking. After a wonderful, albeit more leisurely, workout schedule living downtown I am back in the hood and it’s time to log some miles. I want to train to have a goal to work toward, to feel strong and to enjoy (if that’s even possible) the race while I’m running it. I confess the last bit seems a bit lofty, but we’ll see. And if a side effect is that my body tones up a bit and feels lighter as we cruise into summer…I’ll take it.

Words to live by...

Thank you Hagrid