Back on the horse, back to the blog…

by Kir

How do we know it’s summer? The Tour de France is in full swing, sunsets are extra pink and dropping around 7:30pm, my skin is getting nice and brown, my hair has a salty crispness to the ends, Luke and Lucy Bell – two of our Aussies in residence – can be seen out and about in Cardiff and the World Bocce Ball championship is kicking off as I type.

Aussie Invasion - Luk, Jo, Lucy, Jess - so happy you're here!!!

Sunset Aussie Invasion – Lukey, Jo, Lucy, Jess – so happy you’re here!!!

Life is goo-ood! Summer is my happy place. The beach is my happy place. The water is shimmering, beach parking is out of control and the line to Roberto’s burritos is consistently 6-8 teenage boys deep.

photo 4

My new mug courtesy of a lovely friend who gets me…

To me, summer is the world at it’s biggest and brightest. Everything is ripe, plump and drenched in warmth. This year June Gloom took the month off so we’ve been getting minimal fog and lots of sunshine. The water temp is already in the high 60s/low 70s – it’s not Hawaii warm, but we’ll take it. Usually, it takes until the end of August for this kind of warm weather streak. Fourth of July was hot and sunny with killer visibility for firework watching…Here are a few pics of summer so far. It does give a far better overview than my writing ever could.

photo 1

Snuggling and giggling watching sunset

photo 2

More snuggling and giggling – photo bombed by my nephew who’s looking a touch serious

photo 1

My beach HQ ~ tabletops

photo 3

Backyard in bloom ~ still amazed at the oranges, avocados, grapes and how cute M is

Too much perky sunshiny recap? Sorry, I’m sure I’ll be able to muster up a moody post soon, but for now. Life is wonderful. People around me are happy and blooming. And it’s a very good day! Now off to check out the 26th Annual World Bocce Ball Championship. Have a happy sun-drenched Saturday. xo