Love Shack

Time for a little update on our beach cottage. We’ve been busy, but sometimes it seems like the more you do, the more you uncover. Such is the life of a homeowner. We are officially the Home Depot couple. The last couple weekends brought lots of rain. Lots being a relative term for the rest of the country, but for San Diego in August, it’s pretty much unheard of. Nothing like a little storm to show you where the leaks are. Hello to two whopping puddles discovered in the garage. But thankfully, none in the house so we said a silent thanks and proceeded to move the valuables out of the garage and into the “guest cottage” aka love shack. Looks like that conversion plan will have to wait a bit.

But we did do some fun little projects to brighten up our space (aka dirt backyard) and to ad some color – the benefit of having a cottage – white + bright colors go a long way. And on a shoestring budget to boot…


3 little hooks go a long way. Beach towel shake out spot.


Fresh lavender from our friend’s garden + citronella bucket – it’s the little things


Remember the table project? Three coats of orange paint later. Pretty happy considering the total investment was a two beer barter.


Poke prep! M caught 15 tuna so all things ahi for us. Foodland look out, you’ve got competition. Meant to take after shot, but we gobbled it up too quickly. Next time


Owl salt shakers + water bottle inspo. Will incorporate into next dinner party


Our sage doesn’t look like this yet, but we have aspirations

Not going to lie, the overhaul can be overwhelming at times. M teases me because I weed our backyard. I understand this teasing because our backyard is literally dirt. Dirt, bark shingles (don’t ask us what the old owners were thinking) and some hearty weeds that spring up literally every 20 seconds. Maybe I should just let them all sprout. Maybe it will look like a lawn. Maybe today will be the day we hang curtains or take back the lime tree that died the minute we set it down in the yard. Or maybe the sun will come out and we’ll make the executive decision to shelve the projects and hit the beach.

But after our dinner party guests left last night, we sat out by the fire under the full moon with music drifting into the yard. It felt like we were on vacation. Like we rented a beach cottage somewhere magical. And we smiled and giggled because that was our goal buying this lovely little project. So we have a long way to go, but we are enjoying the process. Happy Sunday xo