30 Days Of Goodness

I’ve been inconsistent at best posting on the ‘ole blog. The beach cottage got the guest bedroom set up and the doors have been open for visitors. The weather has been bright and sunny and there have been a few pretty good swells from the south. The culmination of the above resulted in a lack of dedication to sitting and writing about how happy August and September have been. We are out living coastal life to fullest.

photo 4

Impromptu visit last weekend from my brother – sorry Seahawks

photo 5

Date night at the Padres game

Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 10.46.18 AM

Beach toes, pic #5637

In between beach days and sporting events, we’ve been eating out a lot. And when we don’t eat out we experiment with 50 different ways to make poke. M went  on an all day fishing trip back in August and caught 20+ tuna with the boys. So it’s fish for dinner over here a lot. And no one is complaining. Need poke recipes? Lemme know. We have also experimented and perfected the backyard s’more. Technique, cook time and assembly are down. We’ve been known to get a little creative on alternative ingredients. After a summer of these, my tummy is resembling one of the marshmallows in the below photo. A little fluffy, still cute, but probably time to reign it in.

S'mores w/ a kick anyone?

S’mores w/ a kick anyone?

That means kicking in the “recipe of goodness”. More running, more yoga, more greens. Less alcohol, sugar and eating out. You know it’s time when the thought of eating out is no longer exciting. I’m there. And I’m excited to kick off my seasonal shift. I love a good cleanse to usher in a new season. I know how to do it now and what my body responds to best.

Here is my formula:

I set myself up for success. Some people clean out their fridges, I do the things that make me feel as physically attractive as possible pre-cleanse. Laugh or judge as you will, but it works for me. Fresh highlights, check. Mani/pedi check. Car washed – odd I know, but it’s clean and fresh just like I’m going to be when I’m done.

photo 2

Got my last round of summer blonde!

Then on to the classics. I’ll wind down the coffee for a few days, no dairy and bump up the organic greens. Did a little shopping spree and loaded up on my Maca, fish oil, probiotics and chia seeds – amazon prime has everything these days! Hitting the farmer’s market this afternoon and emotionally preparing to cut out the gluten. Two things I enjoy as part of my major food groups are Beer and Baguettes. Giving up gluten is no easy thing – even if VGs does have gluten free cookies. When your guy works in the beer business and we have a refrigerator full temptation is everywhere. But I can do this! M is committed to the no alcohol during the week too so that will help. There’s nothing worse than being on a juice cleanse than your honey cruising in with a beer and a machaca burrito. So we are both on board and I am optimistic.

I’m trying out a new (to me), local cold-pressed juice company called Fully Loaded Micro Juicery in Leucadia. They offered an insane groupon deal back in July. After a particularly bbq-heavy, social weekend I bought it. Sooo glad for that purchase. So we’ll see how it goes. I can pick my start day so Tues-Thurs seems to make sense. Then I’ll continue on with my healthy eating through the rest of the month.

I may take a before picture, but I’m way too chicken to post it out in the world. Does anyone else do this? I’m always curious. I think I’d rather show pictures of my toes on a beach. Much more enjoyable for everyone. I’ll leave you with this picture for your Sunday viewing pleasure…my new beautiful plumeria. I gift from my sister-in-law. She smells like heaven. Happy weekend ♥

photo 3