Over It…

by Kir

I was going to write a “How to Survive a 3 Week Cleanse’ part 2 last Sunday, but frankly I was too tired and didn’t want to bore you with details of how much I’m sleeping and what I can’t eat. Life’s too short! I went and read a book outside for four hours instead ♥


A happy Sunday afternoon reading

What I can say is that my skin looks great, and by great, I mean possibly five years younger great. Save your money on the Le Mer and just invest it in 3 weeks of greens, gluten-free bread, salmon and quinoa. It’s not exciting, but it really did work. As for weight-loss, I’m definitely trimmer, but that is probably also due to upping the Pilates classes in anticipation of my upcoming umbrella drink vacation.

Yes, the light was great, but I sort of feel like this right now...

Yes, the light was great, but I sort of feel like this right now…

Dresses are fitting better

Dresses are fitting better

3 days left to go. Here’s what I learned + what I’ll be keeping post cleanse…


  • Sleep glorious sleep – 9 to 10 hours a night easy
  • M started reading ingredients + picking organic food – score!
  • The tuna, avocado, quinoa + greens bowl w/homemade dressing I created – keeping it
  • After day 4, a cup of herbal tea w/raw honey completely satisfied post dinner sweet cravings
  • The bikini I bought as a reward for disciplined behavior
  • Sunset walks w/M in lieu of our normal cocktail hour
  • I could still workout because I wasn’t too fatigued

Quinoa, tuna, veggie bowl w/lime and hot sauce…will keep this in the post-cleanse line-up


  • The 4 day headache I had at the beginning while my body adjusted to life without caffeine or alcohol
  • Feeling isolated from others b/c we couldn’t really go out to eat (everything has Canola or Soy in it)
  • Not being able to eat eggs. This was surprisingly difficult
  • M being cranky because he was bored with my cooking
  • Not being able to drink at our good friends wedding – not hard, just not as fun
This is how we feel about not having cocktails at gfs weddings!

This is how we feel about not having cocktails at gfs weddings!

Would I do it again? If I had to, yes. If I didn’t have to, no. I would opt for a shorter 7 day option. But I’m super proud of M and I for completing our goal and finishing what we started. That part was definitely pretty cool. It will be interesting to see how we feel in the next few weeks. M is excited about tacos, beer and pizza. I confess, I will be excited to have a steaming mug of coffee, but may opt for coconut milk instead of half + half!

So we’ll be done just in time for Super Bowl Sunday. Go Seahawks!