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Back to Basics: A Ritual of Radness for the Week

Life is funny. I know what kind of lifestyle works for me when I’m at my happiest, most relaxed and inspired. It’s not rocket science. Some basic ingredients and habits executed on a daily basis typically lead to pretty amazing results. So why is it I can so quickly ditch these easy breezy things to spiral down the rabbit hole of stress, indecision, fatigue and worry? As I sit here typing this, I’m smiling and shaking my head at my silly self.

Time to stop rushing...

Last week I read a simple post by one of my lovely blog favorites, here about unplugging your morning. I did a quick mental run-down of my current weekday morning routine. Ready?

  • Alarm goes off on iPhone next to my head
  • Hit snooze 2-3 times depending on level of sleepiness
  • Turn off alarm (finally) and immediately check email (yes, while still in bed! Literally the first thing I do)
  • Answer emails and jump in shower
  • Pour cup of coffee
  • Multi-task drinking coffee and getting ready
  • Jump in car and start making calls on way to work
  • Head into meetings
  • Maybe eat breakfast (lately frozen gluten free waffles w/honey) around 10:30am if I remember

Eeeks! I get stressed just reading this nevermind actually living it. Of course I’m fatigued. No wonder I feel like I can’t take a deep breath. Literally the first welcome to my day is an onslaught of work and sale notifications for my favorite brands telling me the booties I put in my shopping cart last night are still waiting for me. When I read the simple ‘unplug your morning’ I sighed a great, deep, satisfying sigh and said okay, enough. Let’s change some things and see how it goes. I have a feeling the people I work with may be on board with this plan too.

Here’s my schedule for this week. I started yesterday, but the real test will be tomorrow morning. Ready?

  • Get up and turn off iPhone (now safely across the room on Airplane Mode)
  • While up, proceed to kitchen to make green juice (M does this religiously every am and he commutes to Tustin so I have zero excuses about time – plus I just gained 15 minutes from not hitting snooze 3 times)
  • Cook an egg. It takes all of 3 minutes. I did it this morning. Not a huge fan of breakfast first thing, but I’m going to try it for a week. I’m guessing my metabolism will thank me
  • Jump in shower
  • Get ready (I used to hang 3 outfits on hooks by bed ahead of time on Sundays so that’ll get re-instated)
  • Pour coffee in to go cup
  • Check emails right before I leave (to reduce temptation of checking phone at intersections)
  • Drive to work enjoying coffee in car (as M put it, “coffee is your dessert and reward for a good start”)
My current favorite: lemon, kiwi, banana, spinach, ginger, turmeric

My current favorite: lemon, kiwi, banana, spinach, ginger, turmeric

Avocado toast, lime + eggs…delicious. Photo:

Avocado toast, lime + eggs…delicious. Photo:

Taking more quality time in the morning to set the tone for the day can’t possibly be a bad idea.

This really works - pick some outfits for the week on Sunday…and it looks pretty!

This really works – pick some outfits on Sunday…bonus – it looks pretty!

No stress picking outfit in the am…accessories included

Annnd no stress picking my outfit in the am…accessories included

I’m better after work. Recently I started writing a little each day in a journal. Even if it’s just recording a workout. It’s an unplug from the tech world. Right now, it coincides with sunset watching which, amazingly, I can do from my back yard.

Love this journal! It makes me laugh every time I grab it...

Love this journal! It makes me laugh every time I grab it…

I have set a routine for consistent exercise so I have a plan. There are times in life when being free-spirited and flexible work great. But I know for right now, I’m not in that space. I need the structure. The muscle memory (both mental and physical) is there so it’ll come back. And when it does that will be a fun phase too. This phase has me feeling inspired and ready.

The irony of kicking off ‘un-plugging’ by writing a blog post when I have written one in six months isn’t lost on me 🙂 But I see it differently. Writing is cathartic. And I haven’t felt able to write or post anything because I haven’t felt like there was anything I wanted to say. At least not out loud. This post is my note to me more than anyone else. It’s a great little check when you put something out into the world to follow through. So there it is. A little love note to myself to take better care. And to enjoy the week ahead because I have a feeling I’m going to really like it.

A little Saturday morning magic

A little Saturday morning magic

Thanks Miss GFK for the lovely little reminder that arrived at just the right time…♥

Social Media

In our world of social media, we get a glimpse into other people’s lives. We get to check in daily with out “friends”. What they do, where they go, how they photograph and what “we think” they’re up to.

It can be fun. And it can be brutal. And it’s not always very real. I struggle with it all because in my line of work (marketing) so much of what I do is networking. Getting the word out on what I’m up to. Finding great people to represent a brand or test out something new. So I say over and over how important and necessary my Facebook account is to my business.

M isn’t on Facebook and never has been. We debate about it all of the time. He doesn’t understand why I use it and why I’m on it multiple times a day. And he certainly doesn’t understand the thrill of 20 people liking a photo I post (To be honest, I can’t explain why I get excited about this either). But talking about it today, he posed a very good question…”when you finish your Facebook session, do you feel better or worse about yourself and your day?”

I guess it depends. This morning I felt worse. But other days when I see pictures of my friends’ babies who live far away or see that someone I care about is having a wonderful time in Hawaii/Mexico/Peru, etc, I feel better and/or happy for them that all looks well.  But more often that not, if I’m truly honest, it doesn’t enrich my life or my day very often. It can be distracting, a time sucker and a throwback to those awfully tricky days of navigating popularity, inclusion/exclusion and the sensitivities of others. How many break-ups, cheatings and emotional drive-by’s has Facebook been a platform for?

I killed my Instagram account about 3 months ago for the same reason and haven’t looked back. I have an account, but it’s in lockdown. I only use it for that fabulous Lo-Fi filter that, let’s face it, makes every picture look amazing.  As a friend once wisely said, social media can hurt your soul if you let it. So I miss a photo of somebody doing something fabulous at one point or another, I’ll probably get to hear about the experience firsthand over a cocktail or via phone if it’s a friend from out of town. If not, is my life lacking b/c I missed a shot?

So for now, I’m taking a temporary leave of absence from Facebook – a two-week cleanse if you will. And I’ll see how disciplined I can be. The only posts will be automatic if I write something for the blog. And, the biggest test, to not check to see how many people ‘liked’ what I had to say.  Instead, I’ll be out at the beach, absorbing what’s important and seeking out quality interactions and experiences that enrich me. The rest of the unimportant stuff will fall by the wayside.♥

Some Boys Buy You Flowers

Lately my state-of-the-art iPhone 5 has been a wee bit sluggish. I ran through my very tech savvy 3-point checklist: Is the Location Settings setting off? Yes. Do I have a bunch of apps open? No. Did I plug my phone into the top socket instead of the bottom one by accident again? (the top one doesn’t work…odd, but whatever) No. Anyhoo, after answering 1 yes and two no’s, my troubleshooting came to a standstill. That is until I plugged it into my MacBook and downloaded over 3,000 photos off my phone. Um, this could explain a few things…



The bright side? As I was offloading the evidence, I came across the sweetest photo. This year for Valentine’s Day, I do what (I’m guessing) a lot girls do…play it off as a stupid holiday and nonchalantly say I don’t care if M gets me anything because, really, it’s a stupid holiday. (did I say that already?) This year, M had been pretty preoccupied so my expectations were even lower than usual. He’d even asked me to stop at the store to pick up some groceries on my way home from the dentist. All in all, the outlook for the evening was murky at best. But when I walked in (left side of my face numb) with my bag of groceries, I was greeted with pretty much the cutest, sweetest thing ever!

Better than flowers any day!

Better than flowers any day!

This also got me thinking that I rarely have to change a light bulb, take out the trash or empty the dishwasher. All in all, pretty darn happy with my lot and will make sure to keep making the bed, picking up the dry-cleaning and attempting to cook to show my appreciation.♥