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A Touch of Retail Therapy

A little retail therapy never hurts anyone. A lot of retail therapy…well, maybe. All in moderation, right?  I LOVE to online shop. Stores are open 24/7 and there are limitless possibilities of outfits, skincare, flip flops, bikinis and healthy products at my finger tips. If you’re a product company, you’ll have me at “Amazon Prime Eligible”, “5 for $26” and “Free Shipping”. I get all starry-eyed.

I thought I would share with you some of my most favorite, recent purchases and tell you why I love them…prepare to be dazzled.♦♦♦

1. Victoria’s Secret Pink booty shorts, 5 for $26. In neon brights and tie-dyes w/ just a touch of lace. Why I love them: I live in dresses in the summer and I feel much more comfortable in boy shorts in case of any unexpected gusts. They don’t give you “granny panty lines” so don’t worry. Vicky’s pink seamless hipster panty and pink tropical lace hipster are my favorites. You can sleep in them too! The colors this season are bright, fun and make me happy.

Happy hot pants! 5 for $26

Happy hot pants! 5 for $26, thanks Vicky!!!

2. Victoria’s Secret Pink Low Back Tee, 2 for $30 and even better in person!!! I’m a sucker for the multiple purchase deals. If you don’t love it, you have an instant gift to a friend who might. But alas friends, I do love them and I’m keeping them both. I got the mint and the dark gray. Note: I ordered medium, but they are a bit boxy. So in hindsight, kinda wish I’d got the small, but still they’re perfect for to/from yoga and over a bikini in the summer. Mmmhmm!

Backless Beauty - just as good in person...

Backless Beauty – just as good in person…

3. Lole Nina Duffel Bag As a general rule, I’m not a big bag person. Or I should say I’m super picky. I buy one bag that I absolutely love and I hold on to it for years. Same with wallets. Anyone who knows me, knows I’m loyal to Cleobella Mexican clutches. Heaven help me if they ever discontinue it b/c I have 3 and I adore each one with a ferocity reserved for high school romances and puppies. No joke!

One of my 3 Mexican Cleobella wallets. Swoon.

One of my 3 Mexican Cleobella wallets. Swoon.

For the last 4 possibly 5 years, I’ve been toting around a lululemon neoprene tote bag. I know it’s old because I was still working for them at the time and that was eons ago. (Note: lululemon accessories team, bring back the reversible neoprene tote from 2009 please. It was awesome!!!)

But allow me to digress…about a month ago, I met a girl named Kaila with possibly the Best. Bag. Ever. It’s the Lole Nina duffel. Part gym bag, part overnight carry-on, part laptop bag adding up to awesomeness! I keep discovering features like a kid in a candy store. It’s the perfect size, looks polished, understated and it’s going to be with me for a long time. I tried taking my own pictures, but it didn’t do Nina justice. Check out the professional version below.

The Nina Duffel, tried t

The Nina Duffel, tried taking my own pic, but didn’t do it justice!

So those are my latest purchases. I highly recommend each and every one of them. If you break your bank this month, my apologies, but I did try to feature bargains on a couple things at least. Guess what??? Only 1 more day until Friday, woohoo! xoxo

Take the Leap of Faith!

I came across a photo on Instagram (posted by Maya Swimwear) and the lightbulb in my head came to life in a big, bright way.

Let's stop wasting time

And the lightbulb went on…

So I got out my trusty journal and jotted down some irrational fears of what’s holding me back creatively in my work life. They go a little something like this…how will I make enough money? what if I can’t execute my ideas? how is what I want to do unique when there is so much competition? what if I take a big leap of faith and fail? what if my ideas are stupid? what if my partner(s) don’t think I’m contributing my fair share? how do I pick one thing and stick to it? more money, money, money thoughts…And on and on and on.

Screen Shot 2013-02-20 at 7.53.47 AM

My trusty irrational thoughts journal…Kristin knows me well!

Once I dump all of my negative “word vomit” in my It’s Going To Be Okay  journal, the slate is clean and ready for some good ‘ole Law of Attraction creation time. Side note: my girlfriend bought me this journal for Christmas and it makes me laugh every time I see it. It actually lives in my bathroom displayed where I can see it each morning! Each page has a funny or thoughtful quote to inspire the entry. I save this journal for when I need to get rid of stuff.

I truly believe positive thought and visualization is key to living the life you dream of. And that if you can alleviate the fear and worry, then the universe shows up for you in ways beyond your wildest dreams! The trick is to actually do this – to really let go of all the worry, fear and indecision – it is the tricky part. Simple, but not easy.

So here was my process early yesterday morning…

After the journal entry, I picked up my notebook (I love a good grid paper spiral, but that’s just me), imagined what my perfect, ideal work day would look like and then wrote it out putting times by it and everything. Remember the movie The Secret? My favorite part was one of the experts talking about how he visualizes what his perfect day would be each day. I’ve always loved this idea. Why not?

I created my perfect day.

I created my perfect day.

Once I wrote it all out, I folded it with the words facing out (instinctively, this seemed right to me) with another manifestation brainstorm I wrote out a couple of weeks ago that focused more on my love/family/personal goals for the year.

My Law of Attraction Inspirations

My Law of Attraction Inspirations

Then I put both of these in my trusty Cleobella wallet on the money side, thinking wealth, abundance, etc.

I carry my Cleobella wherever I makes sense to have my dreams with me too

My Cleobella goes everywhere w/ me…makes sense to have my dreams w/ me too!

I believe so much of manifesting comes with using your intuition (going with your gut). This may or may not work for you, but these kinds of exercises make me feel that I’m somewhat in control of creating the life I want. It’s my job to dream it, visualize it and put it out to the universe. Then it becomes my job to let go of the reins, stop holding on so tightly and allow the universe to do its job to bring these dreams to fruition. They may not look exactly how I envisioned them, but they will be heard and realized if I step back and allow the magic to happen!

Take the Leap of Faith

Take the Leap of Faith

Too cosmic for you today? No worries, I’ll be posting pics of the world’s best cheese shop or my favorite bikini from the SI Swim issue soon!!!

But if you do decide to give it a try and it’s not too personal, I’d love to hear how it goes for you. Really, what do you have to lose? Here’s to taking the leap of faith! xxoo


Orange You Glad It’s the Weekend!

Ohhhh many thanks for this streak of Indian Summer. After a nice coastal run fueled by a delicious fresh-baked chocolate chip cookie & hot coffee courtesy of M, I’m settling in to the makings of a pretty great Saturday. So here’s what’s on my rambling mind today…

I don’t know about you, but I tend to fixate on certain colors. I go in phases that can take a couple weeks or a couple years to cycle through. But I have 3 favorites that are pretty much mainstays in my “signature” color palette (if there is such a thing). And orange is one of them. On trend or no, orange & I have a thing, an understanding if you will! It’s warm, happy and can handle all four seasons with its varying shades – think mandarin, coral, jack-o-lantern then downshift to the more mutable peach, clay &  sunset.

I love this graphic!

Art & illustration should make you happy. Every time I look at this (it’s on my desktop) I smile. I wish I had notecards, a t-shirt, coasters & a hat with this on it. Oh, and a poster size for my office. Alas, after trying to hunt it down, I can’t find the original anywhere. So if you know who created this, let me know so I can give proper credit and say thank you!

Cleobella Orange Clutch – get it here

I’ve mentioned this clutch before. And am going to pony up for this beautiful orange number. Clutch #3 to my collection. Trust me, you’ll never regret it. You can hold all your cards/money/iphone/lipgloss in this fabulous piece of art. It comes in a rainbow of gorgeous colors, you will go back for more! ♥

The Brilliant World of Thomas Paul

I was exposed to the beautiful world of Thomas Paul by my fabulous girlfriend, Jenna. She has incredible taste and a knack for buying you the perfect present. She bought me these sea life small plates that I still use almost every day!

Best Pumpkins Ever!

Obviously, these pumpkins are right up my alley! Coastal, beach and so dang cool. If you are crafty, Coastal Living has the step-by-step on their website, here, to recreate these beauties. Warning: it involves power tools. For the record, my pumpkins will look nothing like this, but a girl can always admire other people’s artistry.

Vix, this suit should be in the bikini hall of fame!!!

On that note, I’m throwing on my absolute favorite Orange Vix bikini (above), unfortunately that’s not me, and going for a dip in the sea to pay homage and say thank you to mother nature for this streak of warmth & sunshine. Happy Saturday!!! ♥