Winds In The East, Mist Coming In…

by Kir

“Winds in the east, mist coming in. Like somethin’ is brewin’ about to begin.” To be honest, I don’t think the wind’s in the east. But every time the weather changes, I get the Mary Poppins song stuck in my head.

It’s been raining off and on all day. When you live in a 1943 beach cottage and the rain comes on strong in the middle of the night accompanied by a little thunder and some aggressive wind, you can’t help but wonder if the roof will hold out. As anyone who lives in California will tell you, we need the rain. So it’s all good. But there were a couple of moments that M and I, half awake, nervously giggled and huddled in a bit closer. We have these old windows (see pic below and check out the window to the left) that are slatted. They let in a lovely breeze, but it’s a bit drippy when it rains at an angle. We’re pretty much resigned to that fact that we have to take one for the team since El Nino is coming.

Beautiful light + slatted windows

Beautiful light + slatted windows (note: not so great when the rain comes)

It’s been weeks of unending sunshine and warm water temps. We knew the weather was shifting Saturday night so we made sure to run down to the beach for a final few hours of sunshine on Saturday. The swell was coming in from the north yesterday which was definitely a bit unusual. Ohhh, things were a’ changing for sure.

Screen Shot 2015-10-04 at 4.30.04 PM

Saturday sunshine…Can’t stop smiling…73 degree water in Oct…I know it’s probably worrisome, but in the moment it feels dreamy!

But Saturday was still summer, so we ran down, body surfed for a bit and then laid out to dry off. The best thing about M and I (one of the many things) is we don’t get tired of hanging out with each other. We chit chat all the time and it doesn’t get old. So we dive in the ocean, daydream about our next vacation and try not to talk about respective work too much. I like to think bikini season is year round. This little number below will be added to the bikini basket. Because who doesn’t need a bikini w/pom poms + fringe? (thank you Maaji)

Screen Shot 2015-10-04 at 4.30.17 PM

This! Because I don’t have a bikini w/pom poms + I need it…

My dear friend came to visit for the night so we took her to our favorite margarita spot for tacos + jalepeno margs. We’ve been friends since we were 22 – long enough that she knows most of my secrets (and vice versa). You have to love those relationships where even if you don’t see each other for two years, you can pick up where you left off and feel like no time has passed.

Lifelong friends - well at lease since our early 20s

Lifelong friends – well at lease since our early 20s!

One day later (Sunday) and it’s off and on rain and quite different from yesterday’s sunshine beach weather. The SoCal winter uniform – cut-offs, uggs, beanie + flannel were in full force in the neighborhood. I have plumeria my backyard and they were really happy with the showers. It may only be a 1/4 of an inch total, but we’ll take it. So not the most earth-shattering post, but a little glimpse into the weekend and a preview of fall weather. Have a great week!♥

Screen Shot 2015-10-04 at 4.38.10 PM

My backyard blooms are loving the rain!