As The Year Closes

by Kir

2012 has been an interesting year. There has been so much good and also a lot of growth. Looking back, I think it’s been pretty pivotal. I’ve faced some interesting challenges, checked my ego a lot and grown more confident in some ways and less confident in others – I’d like to think more confident in the ways that matter. The best and brightest of this year, is that I have had wonderful insight into what’s truly important. Love, friendship, devotion and peace are words that ring true to me this year. ♥

I started thinking about the year in review and words kept coming to mind. So I decided to sum things up in words through an unedited stream of consciousness. If there is a word repeated, then it must mean it played some particular importance. That, or I was being forgetful. Either way, no matter. This was a big year of transformation – hence the butterfly. Have the happiest New Year and I hope 2013 is beautiful, insightful and brilliant!